Peanut Butter Swirl


In my food journal, I’ve been affectionally calling this simple and delicious breakfast “peanut butter swirl.” It is so yummy I figured it was time to share it with you all. I find that peanut butter by itself in oats is too sticky. Mixing it with the yogurt balances the flavor and texture perfectly.

A word of caution with nut butters, they can be triggering or binge-y for some people. As always, know yourself and use your own judgement.

Peanut Butter Swirl

  • Servings: Makes 1 Serving
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Each Serving Contains:

  • 1 Protein Serving
  • 1 Grain Serving
  • 1 Fruit Serving


Protein Serving

  • 4 oz yogurt or plant-based milk of choice
  • 1 oz nut butter

Grain Serving

  • 4 oz cooked oats (whatever style of oats you like best, I use warm steel-cut oats)

Fruit Serving

  • 1 apple or 1 banana (or a mixture of both, for a total of 6 oz)

Condiments & Spices

  • Cinnamon

Maintenance Modifications

  • Grain Additions: Increase oats.
  • Protein Additions: Increase nut butter or yogurt, or add nuts sprinkled on top.
  • Fat Additions: Increase nut butter.


  1. Cook your oats with water and cinnamon according to your preference.
  2. Optional: add in apples while cooking to soften, or just have crispy raw apples. Both are delicious. Bananas are yummy too.
  3. Add to serving bowl, stir in nut butter and yogurt.


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  1. Tried the swirl this am love it

  2. Wow!! What a simple but incredibly tasty idea! I tried it as you’ve outlined above, but didn’t have much yogurt left, so I tried a portion of it with some leftover peanut sauce. My fruit for it was mangos. The flavors were out of this world!! Yay!

  3. Anonymous

    Yum! Will try this tomorrow morning. Thank you, Katie.

  4. Another WINNER! So easy, delicious, creamy and filling. Katie, thank you SO much. You create the most perfect and easy versions of BLE meals and I always look forward to trying your new recipes. I hope to eventually try everything on your blog.

  5. Hi its lovely
    I’m confused with the measurement of oats. My oats serving on the box is 50g in 300ml water. 50g is 1.7oz. This was loads with the other ingredients?

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  7. I thought all peanut butter has sugar in it !?

  8. Delicious! Can’t wait to try with banana. Easy and fast to prepare as well. Thanks

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