14-Day Starter Package

Some of you have been asking me if I could provide a 2-week meal plan and grocery list type document for people getting started with Bright Line Eating, or for those who are just needing a reboot. Ask and you shall receive! 🙂

I put together a lovely little PDF document for you! This document is a 14-Day Meal Plan and starter collection of recipes for anybody who needs a little help getting started with this way of eating and for anyone who doesn’t want to buy my whole cookbook.

This is a perfect package to accompany a Bright Line Eating 14-day challenge!

I chose my top 40 tastiest and easiest recipes from my repertoire and thoughtfully curated 2 weeks worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. These recipes also showcase a wide variety of flavors, basic cooking skills, and include a few “leftovers meals” to provide opportunities and advice on how to be creative with the random bits of produce that inevitably end up in the fridge. There are also several grocery lists including basic sugar-free, flour-free and plant-based pantry staples, and one grocery list for each week of the meal plan.

front matter

This Document Includes

  • 14-Day Meal Plan
    • At-a-glance meal calendar with color photos
    • Printer-friendly meal calendar with text
  • Grocery Lists
    • Pantry Staples
    • Refrigerator Staples
    • Essential Spices & Seasonings
    • Week 1 Groceries
    • Week 2 Groceries
  • 40+ Easy, Delicious Recipes
    • Sugar & Sweetener–Free, Flour–Free, Plant–Based
    • Broken Down by Food Category
    • Compliant with the BLE Weight Loss Food Plan
    • Food Weights and Measurements Given

Click HERE to purchase this digital download for $10. 

Please Note: Almost all of the recipes provided in this package are also included in my cookbook, so if you already have the Katie’s Bright Kitchen Cookbook, don’t expect any new recipes! However, the 14-Day Meal Plan and Grocery Lists are NEW content, and are not included in the cookbook. 

Enjoy! <3

Katie’s Bright Kitchen recipes and content are not approved or endorsed by Bright Line Eating™.

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“I’m just starting my journey, and I was lost. Your 14-day PDF is a beaming light at the end of my confusion.”

~ A Bright Line Eater

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  1. Jennifer Grant

    So great! I’m glad Katie is willing to keep sharing!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Thank you so much Katie! I just started the 14 day challenge and have been using a lot of your recipes already. My family, including two young children, have been loving everything I have made so far especially your black bean and pumpkin chili. Your recipes are so appreciated!

  3. This is EXACTLY what I needed when I started the 14 day challenge. I didn’t know where to start or what to do. Thank you Katie!

  4. thank you for being there for those of us who genuienly want to lose the weight and keep it off. I recently purchased the BLE 14 day challenge. It was what I could afford since I am on a fixed income. I would love to see what you have put together and I am sure it would help me. However, even the $10 is not in my budget at this time. Do you have some other site that I could go and take a look at what you have? Please let me know and even if you don’t, thank you for just being “you” and knowing the struggle some of us go through.

    • Hi Lorraine! Send me a message at katiesbrightkitchen.com and I can help you out. Also, most of the recipes in my cookbook and in my 14 day starter package are free on this blog. Those products were in response to people who were asking for something physical they could hold and print out. There are be tons of free resources here that will support your journey. Just click on the recipe categories in the sidebar. <3

  5. Hi there! Sorry if I missed it, but is this 14 day meal plan fully plant based? Or can you tell me how to modify? Thank you!

  6. Marie Swiderski

    I purchased the 14 day challenge but I don’t know where to read it please assist

    • Hi Marie, Lulu’s page isn’t super intuitive, sorry about that. Login to your Lulu account (the one you had to create to check out) and click your name where it says “welcome” then in the sidebar there should be a “my downloads” link. Let me know if you run into any more problems.

  7. I paid and downloaded this. I started reading it – now I can’t find it anywhere. I am on an iPad. Can someone please help me? I have tried to contact her at the website, but no luck. I don’t want to spend another ten dollars. Please advise.

    • Hi Penny, sorry for the confusion. If you login to Lulu.com (using the same login you used to purchase) and you hover your mouse where it says Welcome back “your name” at the top of the page, a little menu should appear. Click on “my account” and from there there should be a “my downloads” option on the left side. I’d suggest downloading it to your computer so it’s easy to access, but it will live forever in your account, should you ever lose the file again in the future.

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