All-in-One BLE Food Journal

Overwhelmed with all the journals in BLE? This handy, highly customizable journal combines all those daily BLE habits and routines into one place to make getting started with BLE just a little bit easier.

Description: This all-in-one daily journal contains space for writing down your food, a nightly checklist, daily commitments, daily tracking of cravings, hunger, and food thoughts, a daily gratitude list, weekly intention setting, weekly meal planning, and custom notes. The interior of this journal is printed in color.

All-in-One BLE Food Journal

6″ x 9″ | Coil Bound | Available in 2 Colors

Click Here to Purchase the 8-Week Journal (Green & White Cover)

Click Here to Purchase the 16-Week Planner (Striped Cover)

Click Here to Download the Pages Only

Look Inside!

Both formats and colors have the same pages. They only differ in size and cover. Here’s a peek at the inside:

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