How to Use a Digital Food Scale

Many of you have asked me to do a video demo of weighing and measuring food. Here’s a video of me just doing my regular thing on a regular weekday making tomorrow’s lunch. Hope it helps!

This video also contains a recipe for a basic kale and quinoa salad along with my go-to lemon tahini sauce. Bonus!


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  1. Carolan Black

    Katie, Thank you so much. I am so enjoying your videos. And the way you film them, your clarity in “teaching” and the written quantities on the side were perfect.

    Looking forward to seeing anything you post.

    I have you recipe book, which I think is WONDERFUL. A group of BLE Buddies, meet here every week, and we did the 14 day menu plan you offered. It was very educational, and a good challenge.

    One time I made a lentil loaf, using a recipe I found on line. Thinking it would be helpful to see your version, if you ever desire to give it a go.

    Love and Blessings. Thank you for your service.

  2. Great video Katie. Thanks for detailed demo and delish lunch idea.

  3. Helen Glitsos

    Thank you Katie! Loved your video on Overnight Oats and it came at just the right time for me!! I needed some inspiration to keep going and you did that for me! I’ll be adapting your advise for weekly and evening prep! Please keep doing what you’re doing x

    Kind Regards

    Helen Glitsos 0438 743 075


  4. Love the recipe for the dressing!
    Do you have any other dressing recipes?

  5. Hi Katie! I started with your 14 meal plans and starter recipes, have your cookbook and am loving your videos. Thank you so much for everything you do. It has been invaluable to me. Thank you so much. ❤️❤️❤️ Looking forward to what you do in the future.
    What is that lemon juice you are using when you are making the tahini dressing?

  6. Hi Katie.
    Thanks for the video and recipe. I’ve been wanting a dressing for salads but have shied away from making one. This one sounds great. I will try after my next shopping trip! Also the tip on massaging kale! What a hoot! But will try that too.

  7. Can you share the make/model of your digital scale?

  8. Candida Cohn

    I find it so difficult to measure the weights and quantities of the foods not by scale but for example chia pudding what r the counts for that…. also why cant we use xanther gum..

    I find my diet pretty standard as I don’t know how to split the ingredients into ounces etc 🙁

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