What Can Your Goal Body Do?

I loved Susan’s vlog this week about goal body, versus goal weight. Over a year into maintenance, I let go of the number on the scale a long time ago, but I enjoyed Susan’s invitation to think about the question: What do you want your goal body to be able to do? Not what size pants do you want to fit into, not what weight range do you want to be in, but what kind of life do you want to live?

I have been living happily in my goal body for a while now thanks to Susan and Bright Line Eating, and I have been feeling a lot of gratitude in the past couple of days for all that my goal body can do. I thought I’d share the list I’ve been thinking about with you.

My goal body can:

  • fit comfortably in my tightest pair of pants year after year
  • fully enjoy activities that involve swimming because I don’t feel uncomfortable and self conscious in a bathing suit
  • have fun going clothes shopping and make fun fashion choices
  • go hiking and backpacking
  • follow and enjoy a yoga class
  • smile happily for photos
  • wake up without aches or pains
  • climb stairs easily
  • go for a jog when it sounds fun
  • arrive home from work not feeling fatigued
  • have a regular and healthy menstrual cycle

Things my goal body still wants to do:

  • do a handstand
  • go rock climbing
  • get better at swing dancing

When I was arriving in maintenance, I sailed straight past my goal body because I was focused on the number and the size. I landed in a size 4, 128 lb, with a healthy BMI, and was thrilled to be there because it was somewhere I had never been in my adult life. However, my menstrual cycle disappeared for a few months and people commented that I looked too thin.

Over the next few months, I listened to my body and ate a little more food. I popped up to a size 6-8, and my cycle returned. It was unnerving to watch the numbers on the scale come up again, but I trusted the maintenance dance and stabilized around 140. I had to buy new pants again, but I found my goal body, and I’ve been easily maintaining this weight and size for over a year. I am so grateful that my goal body and I have found each other, and I feel confident that we’ll be together for the long haul.

What can your goal body do?

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  1. Great storie Katie. I’ve been surprised at a number of negative comments on FB. I thought Susan’s approach was well thought out. There is no one size fits all. I’m still in loss mode and think my final number might be smaller than I’ve thought. We will see. It’s all about my frame (small).

    But my knees don’t hurt.
    Shopping is fun.
    I don’t have to crop my lower body out of photos
    I can run up/down stairs easily
    I’m happy. Slowly getting thinner. And free.

  2. Kay Robinson

    Nice insight. I am on a similar journey now and although I have not completely let go of the goal “number” the bond is getting weaker all of the time as I continue to enjoy the new me and my new life in my goal BODY.

  3. Yes, I’m so glad Sanz shared the term goal body with Susan so she could make that vlog.
    I have been at the same weight for 5 months while waiting to get 9 pounds down into my healthy BMI but have had to let go of that. My goal body is so capable and strong, I enjoy my smaller size and working out and hiking .
    When I let go of the number I know I have arrived!

  4. I, too, enjoyed Susan’s vlog on goal body. I haven’t reached my goal yet but, I know the goal weight charts just didn’t work for me. Your story and her vlog let’s me realize my goal body is the way to go and not look solely at the scale. Thanks for the recent recipe posts. Your recipes are so good and informative..

  5. Thank you for this Katie! This is the most common sense discussion of BLE goal weight-body I’ve heard in a very long time.

  6. Thanks for sharing, I’m not at maintenance yet but looking forward to doing a downward dog without a tummy hanging down, perhaps another 5-8 pounds. I have released 16 so far at height of 5’2. Like how this feels.

  7. I am SO GLAD you mentioned healthy menstruating!! I didn’t have a regular period for like…a year while going through weight loss and the early stages of maintenance. That freaked me out. I haven’t watched the vlog yet but have in the last 3 months settled into a true freedom and peace with my body that feels revolutionary and I know it’s because I let go of the “goal weight” number and stopped weighing myself every day. Thanks as always for sharing your perspective and experience!

  8. Thanks for sharing your list Katie, I can relate to quite a few especially smiling for photos without being self conscious or looking at the photos afterwards and just hating what I saw.

    I too have lost my menstrual cycle and I believe this is due to my weight dipping too low for my body’s optimal health. Probably because like you, I was focused on the scale and the size. I’m only about a week into the maintenance dance although I technically took the first small step a few months ago with an added healthy fat to breakfast (either coconut oil & flax meal or avo or ghee/olive oil). I’m confident that with time and some exercise the flab will disappear and my cycles will reappear.

    • Yeah, I kept losing weight because of the “flab” turns out it was loose skin. I look better now in a size 6 then I did right after weight loss in a size 4. I think it takes the body a minute to catch up.

  9. Shae Blackburn

    This was a great read! I also lost my monthly cycle & the weight I need to stay at is definitely 5-10lbs higher than I prefer BUT I am in a the healthy range & I feel good! Glad to know I’m not alone.

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  10. Marilyn Stevens

    I also loved Susan’s vlog. I’m new to maintenance and still doing the dance to discover how much food I actually need to sustain my goal body. I’m a size 6, down from decades at size 10. It feels great! My body loves swimming with my grandson in our community indoor pool. He is 6 and recently discovered swimming underwater. We spend a lot of time ducking under. I am 78 and enjoying this new experience immensely.

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