Sweet Potato Toast (5 Ways!)

I discovered sweet potato toast long ago, but it’s such a “thing” now that I decided it’s time to up my game. Below is my favorite method for roasting sweet potato slices, as well as some of my favorite topping combinations (conveniently broken down for BLE).

What are your favorites?

Sweet Potato Toast (5 Ways!)

Grain | Protein | Fruit/Veg
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 1 breakfast
Recipe From: Katie’s Conscious Kitchen


Sweet Potato "Toast"

  • 1 large sweet potato with a good slicing shape

Classic PB & Berry

  • 1.5 oz peanut butter [3/4 protein]
  • 0.5 oz nuts, to garnish [1/4 protein]
  • 1 banana or berries (or both!) [fruit]
  • ground cinnamon [condiment]

Cream Cheese & Tomato

  • 2 oz cream cheese [1 protein]
  • tomatoes, sliced [veg]
  • red onion, very finely sliced [veg]
  • "Everything but the Bagel" Seasoning (Trader Joes) [condiment]

Avocado & Radish

  • 2 oz avocado [fat – replaces 1/2 protein]
  • 1 oz pine nuts [1/2 protein]
  • radishes, sliced [veg]
  • microgreens [veg]
  • salt, to taste [condiment]

Hummus & Cucumber

  • 4 oz hummus [1 protein]
  • cucumber, sliced [veg]
  • red onion, very finely sliced [veg]
  • red pepper flakes or za'atar seasoning [condiment]

Sausage & Red Pepper

  • 2 oz avocado, mashed [fat – replaces 1/2 protein]
  • 2 oz sliced sausage, cooked (I use field roast veggie sausage) [1/2 protein]
  • roasted red peppers or sun dried tomatoes [veg]
  • shredded kale or microgreens [veg]
  • red pepper flakes [condiment]
  • salt & black pepper, to taste [condiment]


  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper (not wax paper!)
  • Slice the sweet potatoes short-ways or long-ways, whichever you prefer, in slices about 1/4" thick. Try to be consistent with the thickness of the slices.
  • Brush or spray the slices on both sides very lightly with a neutral flavored oil such as canola, olive, or avocado oil and sprinkle them with salt. For an oil-free breakfast, skip the oil and just bake them plain with a little bit of salt.
  • Roast in a single layer on the parchment paper for 25-30 minutes, or until soft and cooked through (fork tender) but not flimsy.
  • If any of the toppings need to be cooked (sausage, kale, veggies) sauté them in a skillet briefly in a small splash of oil to brown.
  • If weighing your food, weigh the sweet potato slices after baking. Save the remaining pieces for leftovers. Dice them and throw them into a buddha bowl or sweet potato bowl!
  • Top with desired toppings.


  • In BLE, avocado (counted as a fat serving) is not part of the breakfast food plan. However, swapping 1/2 of a protein serving for 1 fat serving at breakfast is a substitution that I see a lot in the BLE community, and something I’ve personally done for a long time. To better comply with the BLE food plan, eat the avocado versions as a maintenance lunch. 
  • Not all of the sweet potato will make nice big slices. I like to dice the remaining odds and ends into little cubes and roast them alongside the “toast” slices, to round out my sweet potato serving if the slices end up not quite weighing enough, or to save as leftovers.
  • If following the BLE food plan, you’ll need to add a side of fruit or veggies to get your full produce serving, as there’s no way that 6 oz of produce will fit on these little toast-lets!
  • The sweet potato slices can be made ahead in large batches and reheated in the microwave, in a toaster oven, or in a skillet on the stove.
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  1. This sounds like a great idea for dinner tonight. Most of the time I have the same or similar BLE breakfasts and lunches. However, dinners are a problem for me as I don’t write down my meals the night before. Been on BLE since October 2015 and have maintained my goal weight or within a few lbs of it.

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