BLE-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

I know it’s only October, but BLE folks tend to start talking about their Thanksgiving dinner plans extra early. 😉 Here is a helpful roundup of BLE-friendly recipes perfect for your holiday needs.



Sauce, Gravy, & Dressings

*Replace sweetener with crushed apples or pineapple to make this dressing BLE-compliant


*Leave out sweeteners and dried cranberries to make these salads BLE-compliant

Grain Dishes



*Not technically BLE-compliant, as these use almond flour. Use coarse almond meal or coarsely processed rolled oats for a less processed version

Vegetable Sides

Naturally Sweetened Treats

I know a lot of Bright Line Eaters who move their lunch fruit to dinner on Thanksgiving to have a little treat during dessert time, or who plan a small, healthy exception. Here are some ideas.

What are some of your favorite BLE-friendly holiday dishes? Let me know!

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  1. I am grateful to have all these wonderful Thanksgiving recipe options! My concern is trying to figure out the BLE portion breakdown of protein/ fat/veg/ grain,etc. of those recipes that are not created by you, Katie. Any suggestions?

  2. I will be having my first ever holidays of Thanksgiving and XMAS soon having started BLE in January of this year. I’m SO grateful for these suggestions because I plan on doing the one plate rule and want to make some dishes that are similar to traditional holiday fare.

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