NEW! 7 Days of Inspired Meals

Description: My 14-Day Starter Collection is one of my most popular downloads, but it occured to me that it would be helpful to have a 1-week meal plan document for people who might be looking for a reset or reboot, or who need a little extra satisfaction from their meals in order to more easily stick to plan.

I selected the recipes for this meal plan not based on how simple they are, but based on how inspired and delicious they are (although none of them are particularly complicated). These are meals to look forward to, that make you sigh happily with satisfaction and fullness after each meal with nothing left to be desired. So, basically my 21 favorite meals.

This Document Includes:

  • 7-Day Meal Plan
    • At-a-glance meal calendar with color photos
    • Printer friendly meal calendar
  • Grocery Lists
  • 21+ Delicious Recipes
    • Sugar & Sweetener–Free, Flour–Free, Plant–Based
    • Broken Down by Food Category
    • Compliant with the BLE Weight Loss Food Plan
    • Amounts given in standard measurement and oz for both Bright Line Eaters and non-Bright Line Eaters

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Please Note: Katie’s Bright Kitchen recipes and content are not approved or endorsed by Bright Line Eating™.

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