A Mild Netflix Addiction + Inquiry Practice

Hi beautiful humans, 

This week I’ve been noticing some mindless Netflix-watching creeping into my down time. Yesterday I stopped to ask myself, as kindly and non-judgementally as possible, “hey Katie what’s that about?” Without any self-aggression or negative self-talk about it, I allowed myself to enter a space of genuine curiosity. Without trying to change the behavior, without making myself wrong for doing it, I just started paying more attention to the moments leading up to the craving to reach for the laptop.

I wondered scientific, almost child-like curiosity: what is the moment of Netflix-pull actually made of? Is it made of thoughts? Emotions? Physical sensations? What’s itchy about the situation that gives rise to the cravings? What discomfort am I trying to ease? Is Netflix actually successful at easing it? Is there another choice that would better align with my values of vitality and presence? Today I let the behavior continue but with an added quality of curiosity and awareness.

The answer was quickly obvious: Oh, I’m just bored. I have a lot of down time right now and spaciousness is uncomfortable for me. Duh. So then I asked myself what would feed my heart and the answer to that was obvious too – a walk on this glorious sunny fall day in the woods with the dogs and catching up on some podcasts. 

What mindless pulls and cravings are you struggling with right now? What happens if you let go of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” around it and simply let it be however it is with kind, curious attention? What is revealed? 

November’s theme in the Conscious Eating Community is Loving What Is. We’ll be devoting our daily group practice sessions and the entire month’s workshops to a deep, transformative process called inquiry. We’ll explore the power of our thoughts and beliefs in shaping our experience of the world.

Does it serve you to hang onto your thoughts and beliefs? Does creating space around them give you more freedom and energy to bring good into the world without it needing to be driven by judgement of self or others? If you’ve been thinking of joining, now’s the perfect time. Check us out here.

Until next week! <3

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