Katie’s Story

I’m Katie Gates, author of Katie’s Bright Kitchen.

I share meal ideas, recipes, and resources that have supported me as I explore my relationship with food, eating, and weight.

I, like many in today’s modern food environment, am susceptible to the craving states and numbing pulls of highly palatable, processed foods. For years, I struggled with mental obsessions about my weight and my food, and felt unable to find a moderation approach or style of eating that felt good to me.

In October 2016, I found Bright Line Eating, scoring a 7 on the susceptibility scale. I was instantly sold on Susan Peirce Thompson’s message about the neuroscience of food addiction and drew myself some bright lines, cutting most of those foods out of my diet. For several years, creating firm, clear boundaries with my food through Bright Line Eating served me well, and opened up a world of new possibilities for growth and healing. Through their bootcamp, I lost 70 pounds over several months, and learned some powerful lessons along the way.

Today, I continue to maintain the weight loss I achieved in Bright Line Eating (within a comfortable range), and I am joyfully and curiously exploring what I like to call my middle path, or “conscious eating.”

I am grateful for the lessons of each passing chapter, and remain open to the challenges and transformations to come.

I hope you enjoy my musings and culinary creations!