About KCK

Hi, I’m Katie, and welcome to my site!

My Story

Let me share a bit about my journey around food, eating, and weight loss.

Like pretty much everyone, I arrived in adulthood with a strained relationship to my food, eating, weight, and body. Back in 2016, I was at my heaviest adult weight and struggling with compulsive and mindless overeating. One day I stumbled upon a highly structured eating program, and was easily seduced by their “science-backed” story that my “food addiction” was to blame for my weight struggles. I took on the belief that my brain was broken and simply wired for overeating, because that explanation made sense with my experience. Blaming faulty wiring was also a nice way to alleviate guilt and shame about my eating behavior. It simplified the problem (food addiction) and had a clear solution: abstain from “triggering” foods and weigh and measure my food for the rest of my life. Easy, right?

This “solution” was easy enough to buy into when it was accompanied by the thrill of weight loss. I felt great, developed awesome meal planning habits, learned how to cook vegetables, and easily rose as a leader and recipe guru in that community. I started this food blog originally to share compliant cooking “hacks” and delicious recipes broken down for their highly structured and restrictive food plan.

But at some point, all of it began to feel… off. When weight loss was no longer the focus, I slowly began to realize that the strict eating rules and “food addict” story wasn’t serving me anymore. I began to see the undercurrent of fear, guilt, and shame around food that my community was built on, and that wasn’t a lifestyle I wanted for myself long term.

After feeling like I was “failing” in my food program for a while, I finally realized that people can’t stick to things that don’t align with their values. Deep down, I didn’t believe that there was something inherently wrong with me, and ultimately I wasn’t willing to spend my life avoiding and being afraid of food. So, I set out on a scary, messy journey to heal and master my relationship with food, eating, and my body.

I slowly began to loosen the structure around my eating, while practicing the tools of mindfulness. I practiced listening to my body, responding to hunger and fullness, using mindful eating techniques, working gently with negative body thoughts, and not believing every “should” or “shouldn’t” thought that entered in my head. I put the scale away, let go of the number, watched my body size fluctuate, and consciously chose not to freak out. This was NOT easy, and I needed a lot of support from others who were on similar journeys.

Today, years later, I enjoy a (mostly) sane, middle path with my eating. I’m still figuring out how to gracefully walk that middle path, and it’s not always perfect. Being human is inherently messy, and our relationships with food and our bodies are messy too.

About This Blog

On this blog, I share resources and recipes to support you wherever you are on your messy path, and I truly honor you and your unique, perfect, winding journey toward peaceful eating and self-love.

I know that I still have many readers who follow the strict food program that I used to be a part of. If that is you, please know that I am still committed to being as helpful as possible to you, even though I am no longer following the program myself. I am also no longer permitted to share recipes explicitly labeled or broken down for that food plan, due to new trademark rules. Within these constraints, I do my best to share delicious, sugar and flour free recipes to support you on your path.

What I’m Up To Now

In March 2020 (right when the pandemic hit) my dear friend and mindfulness coach Annette and I started the Conscious Eating Community, which is an incredible group of dedicated, loving people supporting each other in building joyful and empowered relationships with food, eating, and body. I also still love creating sharing low effort, high flavor recipes, and making plants taste awesome.

Whether you’re here for my easy, healthy food, plant-based meal ideas, sugar and flour free recipes, inspiration on your eating journey, or just because you want to feel good, I’m so happy you’re here!

Stick around, it will be worth it. I am so grateful to have you with me on this wild ride.