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On this blog you’ll find healthy, nourishing, vibrant, delicious, plant-powered recipes to support your eating journey and to help you build confidence in the kitchen and vibrant health along the way. I also share occasional musings about my own path with food and self-love.

Let’s celebrate vibrant, beautiful, nourishing plant-based food, together.

My Story

Like so many of us who grew up steeped in diet culture, I arrived in adulthood with a strained relationship to my food, eating, weight, and body.

At some point, I decided that my eating and weight were out of control. In 2016, desperate to change my body, I was drawn to Bright Line Eating, a highly structured and restrictive eating program, and lost a bunch of weight.

For the first time, I felt in control of my body size. I had excellent food prep habits, felt great, looked great, and was eating mountains of healthy food. But strictly excluding entire categories of food from my diet and measuring every bite of food wasn’t how I wanted to live my life in the long term.

The reality was that I didn’t feel empowered with my eating choices. I didn’t like the idea that I was incapable of learning to trust my body’s intuition, or that I couldn’t rely on my own authority when flexibility with my food plans felt sane or needed. I still felt a lot of judgement within the community and experienced negative self talk whenever I experimented with my food plan and boundaries.

I reached a point where I wasn’t interested in just maintenance of goal weight, I wanted mastery over my relationship with food and eating.

I don’t regret the years I spent eating within boundaries, as it brought valuable self awareness and insight into the ways that I habitually turn to food to meet emotional needs. I did a lot of inner work and experienced a lot of growth during that time. I also met Annette, who would become a dear friend and the co-creator of Conscious Eating Community.

But it was time to move on.

So, within the constraints of my food plan, I began an exploration of what was true for ME, not what my program or the external world said. Held by the support of others, I started exploring my boundaries, practicing the tools of mindfulness, and accessing my body’s wisdom. I’ve taken a deep look at my relationship to food, eating, body, and weight, and along the way have come to find complete freedom and flexibility with my food choices.

My relationship with my eating and myself is dynamic and continues to evolve, but I can say that there have been three important needle movers along my path to food sanity:

That’s why we created the Conscious Eating Community in March of 2020, where we come together to support each other in building joyful and empowered relationships with food, eating, and our bodies.

What is Conscious Eating?

Conscious Eating is what we call the path that our community members have illuminated on their journeys to food freedom. It is a way of orienting toward food and life with presence and joy.

Conscious Eaters work to define their own middle path with food that is something between rigid food rules and constantly overindulging in response to craving. We strive for a balance that involves listening to the body’s hunger and fullness cues, orienting toward cravings and discomfort with curiosity, and practicing self-compassion when we miss the mark.

With mindfulness, we become gradually able to loosen our “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” around our food and can learn to include the body’s wisdom in our eating choices.

It may sound crazy, but struggles around compulsive overeating, craving, and weight can serve as an opportunity for deep self-understanding and spiritual growth.

When we are courageous enough to infuse our food issues with presence, curiosity, and equanimity, they become a profound gateway for awakening to the wholeness, beauty, and richness of life.

By coming together to do this work as a community, we are continually inspired by each other, nourished by connection, validated in our struggles, excited to share our insights, reminded of our intentions, and pulled to keep showing up.

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Katie’s Conscious Kitchen + Conscious Eating Community

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