Katie’s Story

Hi! I’m Katie Gates!

On this blog, I share satisfying recipes (mostly plant based and sugar & flour free) to help you feel great while fully enjoying the deliciousness and beauty of food.

I have taken lessons from several eating approaches including Bright Line Eating, Mindful Eating, and Intuitive Eating, and enjoy the discoveries of each new chapter.

I am also a community host of the Conscious Eating Community co-led by my good friend and certified mindfulness coach Annette James, where we are focused on building joyful and empowered relationships with food, eating, and our bodies through science-backed mindfulness practices and loving, supportive community.

My Story

Like many of us who grew up steeped in the harmful messaging of diet culture and a world of highly palatable processed foods, I arrived in adulthood with a strained relationship to my food, eating, weight, and body.

In 2016, I lost a bunch of weight with Bright Line Eating, a highly structured eating program, and developed fantastic habits with food prep and healthy eating. For the first time in my adult life, I was feeling in control of my eating and maintaining my goal weight using a structured eating plan. Fears of uncontrolled eating and weight gain no longer ruled my life. 

But I still didn’t feel empowered with my eating choices. I didn’t like the idea that I was incapable of learning to trust my own intuition, or that I couldn’t rely on my own authority when flexibility with my food plans felt sane or needed. I still felt a lot of judgement within the community and experienced negative self talk whenever I experimented with my food plan and boundaries.

I reached a point where I wasn’t interested in just maintenance, I wanted mastery over my relationship with food and eating. Eating within boundaries brought valuable self awareness and insight into the ways that I habitually use food to try and meet needs that food doesn’t solve.

Within the constraints of my food plan, I began an exploration of my own truths, and held by the support of others, started exploring my boundaries, practicing the tools of mindfulness, and accessing my body’s wisdom. I’ve taken a deep look at my relationship to food, eating, body, and weight, and along the way have come to find complete freedom and flexibility with my food choices.

My relationship with my eating and myself is dynamic and continues to evolve, but I can say that there have been three important needle movers along my path to food sanity: learning to make healthy foods taste delicious and developing good food prep habits, meditation and mindfulness practices, and the support and community of other people.

In October of 2019 I got rid of almost everything I owned, moved into a single suitcase, and began wandering around the world. You might see my travel pictures from time to time on instagram.

I hope that you enjoy my creations, resources, and recipes, and that some of them may be useful to you wherever you may be on your own journey.