Vegan Caesar Salad w/ Chickpea Croutons

Caesar w/ Chickpea Croutons

Veggies | Protein | Fat
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 1
Recipe From: Katie’s Conscious Kitchen



  • salad greens or dark leafy greens
  • microgreens or sprouts 
  • salad veggies of your choice such as cherry tomatoes cucumbers, peppers, or carrots


  • 1/2 avocado, sliced 2 oz


  • a pinch of lemon zest
  • freshly ground black pepper


  • Make the dressing, in advance or shortly before mealtime. It’s quick.
  • Assemble your salad, add dressing, toss, and serve!
  • Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper and lemon zest.


  • When you buy roasted chickpeas, be sure to buy the kind for snacking, which are NOT the same as dried chickpeas. My favorite brand is linked above. Alternatively, you can try making your own)
  • Click here for my tutorial on making your own sprouts from lentils or mung beans!
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This salad is also delicious with some quinoa!

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  1. This is delicious! We double the dressing recipe, so we (hubby and me) have enough for 2 meals for each of us. We roast the chickpeas ourselves (2 cans, because they shrink and once roasted don’t weigh much) and keep them weighed and packed in the pantry.

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  3. Priscilla

    Katie, I wish I could hire you to cook for me! Your creations look incredible. And they look simple. But my family has such different tastes, I feel like I spend any free time that I could be using to prep food for my week on the meals they prefer (one’s a vegetarian who won’t eat beans, another’s a carnivore who enjoys soups for lunch). I’m glad to help them eat well but I end up having campbells soup for lunches. Anyway, venting!! Thanks for your incredible recipes, you’re talented for sure!

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