Cooking Club

Welcome to my Cooking Club!

Hi, I’m Katie! I love healthy, nourishing, vibrant, delicious, plant-powered food SO MUCH that I truly crave it and genuinely prefer it over food that doesn’t make me feel good. I created this cooking club subscription because I want that for you too.

This ongoing weekly meal plan is for you if…

✔️ You want to build healthy food prep habits

✔️ You frequently suffer from meal prep dread

✔️ You are tired of your produce going bad in the fridge

✔️ You want to build a solid repertoire of easy, plant-based meals

✔️ You want to have a fun and playful relationship with cooking instead of thinking of meal prep as a chore

✔️ You want to build confidence and intuition in the kitchen and reduce your reliance on recipes

✔️ You want to eat more healthy plants but don’t know how to make them taste good

Food is supposed to taste delicious.

You deserve to feel amazing.

Let’s celebrate vibrant, beautiful, nourishing food, together.

Here’s How It Works:


Download the App

I host my cooking club in a slick meal planning app called Prepear, that works on both mobile devices and desktop computers.


Look at the Week’s Meal Plan

Every Saturday morning I update the upcoming week’s meal plan, so you can customize it and shop over the weekend.


Get Your Groceries

After you’ve settled on your plan for the week, your grocery list is automatically generated for you.


Follow Along!

Cook along with me and other cooking club members throughout the week!


Share & Connect

Join our private facebook group to share your wins, connect with other members, and get inspiration.

A Realistic Meal Plan Designed for Actual Life

I follow this meal plan myself, and I’m a busy, full time elementary teacher.

I pick easy, doable recipes to ensure that the meals will actually happen, even at 4:30 pm, while hungry, after a tiring day of work. I also include one or two slightly more luxurious meals each week, for more spacious days when you feel like putting in a little more effort.

Each Week’s Meal Plan Includes:

⭐️ A Fun Theme

Every week I choose a fun theme or ingredient to inspire the week’s meals.

🥑 7 Days of Easy, Delicious Dinner Recipes

This meal plan gives you 7 easy, delicious dinners each week, so you can focus on living your life rather than planning meals.

A Bonus Meal or Two

I usually throw in a bonus breakfast or lunch recipe if it relates to the week’s theme, for a boost of inspiration in case you’re stuck in a rut.

🗓 Easy Drag & Drop Meal Planner

Plan your week by simply dragging-and-dropping meals into your own personal meal calendar from your customizable recipe library.

👍 Easy Customization

Easily swap out meals that don’t work for you and adjust the serving size to feed one, two, or a whole crowd.

🛒 Automatically Generated Grocery Lists

The app automatically generates a grocery list based on the week’s meal plan, and can even exclude items that are already in your pantry!

👀 Take a Peek Inside the App!

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Each Week’s Recipes Are:


Doable & Delicious

I create each week’s meal plan for myself to actually follow, so I make sure it’s realistic without compromising taste (you know me!)



Each week’s meal challenge is selected to take advantage of seasonally available produce and add local variety into your meals.



You will become a master of “odds & ends” meals that use up produce scraps and anything in danger of being thrown away.


Budget Friendly

Eating heaps of vibrant plants doesn’t have to be expensive. These meals lend themselves to affordable, in-season produce and bulk ingredients.



You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this meal plan! Adding just one plant-based meal per day has a a huge impact on your health, and the earth!

Your Cooking Club Subscription Includes:

⭐️ Access to Katie’s Entire Recipe Library ⭐️

Inside the app, you have access my full, ever-growing recipe database, including all of the recipes in my cookbooks, on my blog, plus exclusive content. All of the recipes in my library can easily be saved to your personal recipe library and used in your meal planner.

Cookbooks & Meal Plans Included w/ Your Subscription:

Easy Vegan Dinners

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Sugar & Flour Free Baking

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Make-Ahead Vegan Meals

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Vegan Instant Pot Meals

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

30 Super Satisfying Salads

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Healthy Comfort Food

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

One-Pot Vegan Meals

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

40 Vegan Breakfasts

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

30 Seasonal Buddha Bowls

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

30 Bowls of Porridge

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Vegan Holiday Cookbook

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Spring Recipes

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Summer Recipes

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Fall Recipes

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Winter Recipes

App-Integrated Digital Cookbook

$10 Value

Eat More Plants Meal Plan

4-Week Boot Camp

$20.00 Value

Lightening Up Meal Plan

4-Week Boot Camp

$20.00 Value

Batch Like a Boss Meal Plan

4-Week Boot Camp

$20.00 Value

Membership Cost

Total Value: $350

Your Price: $99.99/year or $8.33/month

Investing in your health and happiness is the best investment you can make.

You can afford to do this. In fact, you can’t afford NOT to do this.

For less than $9 per month, you will be investing in radiant health, vibrant plant-powered energy, and a flourishing, thriving life. To put that in perspective, that’s less than the cost of:

☕️☕️ 2 lattes

🍽 one meal out at a restaurant

🥡 one night of takeout

🍾 one bottle of decent wine

📽 one movie at a theater

🍕 one pizza

You can afford this and you are worth every penny.

Want to go further?

Check out the Conscious Eating Community!

We are a vibrant, loving community focused on doing the inner work of shifting our relationships to eating, food, and body.

Bundling Discount

My Cooking Club and the Conscious Eating Community compliment each other beautifully on the journey to peaceful eating and self-love. We’ve created a significant discount to incentivize participation in both. If you sign up for my Cooking Club (or a paid subscription to the Prepear app) you are eligible for 25% off monthly or annual membership to the Conscious Eating Community! (That’s $80 in Savings!)

To get this discount, first join my Cooking Club and check out through the Prepear app. Then e-mail me or fill out the form below, asking about the Conscious Eating Community discount, and I’ll send you a special registration link.

Interested in the Bundling Discount? Send me a Message Below!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Bright Line Eater. Will this subscription work for me?

Yes! However, I’m no longer allowed to give BLE breakdowns for any of my recipes. It is now a trademark violation for bloggers like me to share any content explicitly broken down for the BLE food plan. I do try to break down my recipes by category to be as helpful as possible to you, and nearly all of my recipes are sugar and flour free. Thank you for understanding.

Are all of the recipes sugar and flour free?

Yep! Occasionally a recipe might involve pasta or bread, in which case you can swap it for flourless alternatives like legume pasta and Ezekiel bread. I rarely use sweeteners in my recipes.

I am trying to lose weight. Is this plan for me?

This is not a diet plan, or a weight-loss program. Let’s be done with dieting and focus on eating to thrive, instead of fixating on our bodies. The world needs your energy elsewhere. Check out the Conscious Eating Community for support with bringing more ease, peace, and joy into your relationship with food, eating, and your body.

What if I don’t like one of the meals you pick?

No problem, just swap it out! You can swap it for any of the hundreds of meals in my recipe library, or for any of your favorites in other cookbooks, other blogs, or the family recipe box.

I’m not fully vegan, I eat meat or dairy. Is this still for me?

Yep, that’s perfectly fine! I would encourage you to relegate your animal products to breakfasts and lunches and focus on incorporating more plant-based meals into your dinners. If you want to swap a plant-based option for a meat option (like beef burgers for veggie burgers) then be my guest!

What if I want to do my own thing some nights of the week?

Not a problem at all! You can easily delete my meals from your meal plan and type in custom entries such as “leftovers” or “takeout” or “frozen lasagna” or whatever your own thing may be.

I am cooking for a family. Is this for me?

Yep! I get a lot of reports from members that their partners, children, and guests love their Katie meals. Of course, everyone has different taste and dietary preferences, and you may need to make swaps where necessary. It’s easy to scale up the recipes in the app to whatever serving size that you need.

Is it easy to accommodate dietary restrictions?

If a meal doesn’t meet your needs, it’s easy to swap it out for one that does. You can easily search the recipe database based on dietary tags such as gluten free, nut free, nightshade free, etc.