Easy Cheesy Vegan Noodles

This is a perfect dinner for those crave-y days when you’d rather turn to healthy comfort food than end up face down in something that will make you feel gross afterwards. These easy cheesy vegan noodles somehow manage to be light rather than heavy, while also being creamy, and satisfying. They also happen to be oil-free, but you wouldn’t guess!

close up on bowl of pasta with creamy vegan easy cheesy sauce and spinach, with a dash of red pepper flakes

The easy cheesy sauce is really simple and tasty, and comes together in 1 minute. I use plant-based milk for creaminess, nutritional yeast for “cheesiness,” white miso for a bit of umami, garlic and onion powder for flavor, and a bit of arrowroot powder to thicken. No need to cook this sauce, just stir it in a cup with a fork and pour over the hot cooked pasta. Boom. If you want an extra melty and thick sauce, stir it into the pasta and then place back on the heat for a minute or so, it will thicken and become stringy and delicious.

What is Arrowroot Powder?

Arrowroot powder comes from a root vegetable, and is naturally vegan and gluten-free. Arrowroot powder is tasteless, and is a compliant thickener in programs that otherwise don’t allow flours or starches, such as Bright Line Eating, Whole30, and Paleo. Compared to more traditional thickeners like cornstarch, arrowroot is new on the scene and becoming increasingly trendy as a flour alternative.

Arrowroot is my go-to for thickening gravies, soups, and sauces. It has a slightly different texture and thickening quality than cornstarch, and I love it. When warmed, it has a lovely, cheesy, almost stringy quality that I just love in any saucy situation. One pinch goes a long way. I consider it one of my basic pantry staples.

Fun Variations:

  • Add peas, broccoli, or spinach for a nutritional veggie boost.
  • For an even more indulgent meal, add a spoonful of plant-based cream cheese into the sauce, or another cheese of choice.
  • Add sundried tomatoes or a little bit of tomato sauce for a creamy tomatoey spin.
  • Add some sautéed mushrooms for a creamy mushroom pasta dish.
  • Squeeze half a lemon into the sauce for a lemony cream sauce, and use lots of fresh ground pepper.

Not Eating Pasta?

I know that many people who follow my blog don’t eat flour or pasta for various reasons. This sauce is also super yummy as a sauce on other starchy foods such as potatoes or hominy, or try mixing it into cooked spinach for easy creamed spinach.

If you’re looking for a good brand of flour-free, high-protein pasta, I recommend banza chickpea pasta. It comes in so many sizes and shapes, and has the best texture of any legume pastas I’ve tried.

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If you make these easy cheesy vegan noodles, leave a star rating or comment below! Your feedback is so helpful to me and other readers. You can also tag me in your meal pics on Instagram @katiesconsciouskitchen, or join my free private facebook group to share your creations and inspire others! I love to see what you all are making.

Easy Cheesy Vegan Noodles

These easy cheesy vegan noodles somehow manage to be light rather than heavy, while also being creamy, and satisfying. They also happen to be oil-free, but you wouldn't guess!
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Active Time: 3 minutes
Inactive Time: 10 minutes
Servings 1



  • 6 oz pasta of choice, for a good flourless option, try banza chickpea pasta

Easy Cheesy Sauce


  • Cook the pasta according to package directions.
  • Stir the sauce ingredients together in a medium bowl.
  • Add hot pasta to the sauce and stir. The heat from the pasta will thicken the sauce. If the sauce is too thin, place the pot of pasta and sauce over low heat and stir for a minute or so, it will thicken up. If it's still too thin, add a pinch of arrowroot powder and gently heat while stirring. If it's too thick, add milk to thin.
  • Add veggies or other add-ins, if desired.
  • Season with salt and pepper to taste, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Enjoy!

Nutrition Information

Calories: 269kcal (13%)Carbohydrates: 49g (16%)Protein: 13g (26%)Fat: 2g (3%)Saturated Fat: 1g (6%)Sodium: 243mg (11%)Potassium: 344mg (10%)Fiber: 4g (17%)Sugar: 3g (3%)Vitamin A: 123IU (2%)Vitamin C: 2mg (2%)Calcium: 60mg (6%)Iron: 2mg (11%)
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  1. Deb Davis

    Can’t wait to try this!!!

  2. Marla

    This looks amazing…I think you may have a typo though. In the explanation you mention that 6 oz of cooked legume pasta is a protein, but in the recipe you only list 4 oz. Thanks for continuing to create such amazing food and recipes. I am almost 2 years in and live by your recipes on repeat almost everyday! Thank you!!!!

    • Whoops, your right it’s 6 oz. Thanks for pointing that out Marla! It’s habit because I usually count pasta as grain on maintenance and I do 4 oz. I fixed it in the recipe, should be correct now.

  3. Jeanne

    Does the milk also not count as protein?

    • Technically it does, but it’s such a small amount that I don’t bother. You can count it as 1/6 of a protein if you want to deal with that math. I always count a couple of TBSP of milk as a condiment.

  4. Blending steamed cauliflower into the sauce will stretch out the creamy goodness without taking away from fat serving also. 🙂

  5. Manuela Paronzini

    Hello Katie! Regarding your BLE-Friendly Cheesy Noodles I’d like to know what brand you’ve used for the chickpea pasta. Also, confirm to me if 6oz of pasta is the correct amount for one serving. Thank you, very much:)

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