Easy Overnight Oats

The beauty of overnight porridge is that there is no cooking involved! I love this recipe for when I know I won’t have a lot of time in the morning and just want to throw some fruit in a bowl and eat. It’s also great for travel, road trips, or camping. I bring pre-measured ingredients in individual tupperware containers and make my breakfasts by mixing my porridge up the night before.

For topping combinations and ideas, check out this post.

Easy Overnight Oats

Grain | Protein | Fruit
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Active Time: 5 minutes
Refrigeration Time: 8 hours
Servings 1



  • 1 oz dry rolled oats or instant oats, steel cut doesn’t work here


  • 4 oz yogurt or milk
  • 0.5 oz super seed mix, I use a mix of all three!
  • 0.5 nuts for topping


  • 6 oz fresh fruit

Condiments & Spices

  • Experiment with spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, ginger, apple pie spice, etc.


  • Stir together oats, yogurt or milk, seeds, and cinnamon.
  • If using yogurt, you’ll need to add water so it doesn’t turn in to cement. Experiment with the texture you like best. I add about 1/8 cup water. It should be fairly runny because the oats and seeds will soak up a lot of the moisture.
  • Refrigerate overnight.
  • In the morning, top with fruit and nuts and you have an instant breakfast!


  • For a heartier breakfast, increase the amounts to 1.5 oz of dry oats and use 6 oz yogurt or milk. Keep the seeds the same and increase the nuts to 2 oz for topping. YUM! 
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Tips for Batch Prepping

I weigh out all the dry ingredients into individual containers in batches, a week’s worth at a time, and store them in the cupboard. The night before all I have to do is throw one on the scale and add the milk or yogurt. Easy!! 



  1. Deb Keirce

    Great job!!! Thx for sharing!

    Debra KeirceDebKArt.com

  2. Wow this video is so great. Thanks for trying this out. For years I’ve been seeing and hearing about overnight oats, but after watching your video, I’m actually going to try it. Now I can picture the process and I love the idea of preparing several at a time. I can never seem to prepare breakfast in the morning, so I think this will help a lot. I hope to see more videos from you. I am wondering–what is the difference between steel-cut oats and rolled oats (besides the fact that one needs cooking and the other doesn’t)? I have a blog http://www.awayinautumn.com and I was wondering do you mind if I share there, as part of a morning routine post and I will give you full credit of course?

  3. Hi Katie

    Thank you for being such an inspiration! I would love to see an instructional video on how to use the instapot. I bought one a few weeks ago, but have yet to use it. It’s very intimidating!

    Hugs, Marianne Jawanda

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi, sorry Marianne, I don’t have an instapot and don’t ever plan to have one. There are lots of people on our community though that you could reach out to!

  4. Billie

    Great demo Katie. You were very relaxed and natural. Thanks, I hope you will do more.

  5. Great job on the video! I think one of your IG posts about breakfast porridge/oatmeal is how I originally found out about your wonderful site! It certainly was a game changer for me! Also I like your tip on mixing all of your nuts and seeds together. The less I have to think about anything on this diet, the better! <3

  6. Chrischup@yahoo.com

    Great video. Thank you

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  8. what’s an instapot?

    • Not sure, I don’t need another appliance in my tiny kitchen. Some people are really into them though.

    • Patricia Visser

      It’s a pressure cooker that you can also use to sautee, and even make yogurt in.

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  10. Kerri Goodson

    Great job! I can’t wait to try this!

  11. Jess

    Is there a reason why you don’t put milk and fruits in the jar and prepare for the 5 days altogether?

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