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Facebook Group Rules & Getting Started Guide

How to Join

This private facebook group is for paying members of Katie’s recipe subscription only. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, you can join here.

It’s important that you answer the welcome questions that I ask when you request to join the group. When you’ve answered them, you move to the top of my queue for approval. If you haven’t answered the questions, your request will sit until you do.

What This Group is For

This group exists to provide support, inspiration, accountability, and connection with other people who are taking on the same weekly cooking invitations. Don’t hesitate to post your meal pics, challenges, questions, and celebrations!

Who This Group is For

You don’t have to eat plant based or vegan to be in the group! You just have to be nice. If you are working on eating more tasty plants, regardless of what else is on your plate, you will be enthusiastically welcomed!

This group is a place of non-judgment and no food rules. If you have a problem with people who eat animal products, people who eat sugar, people who eat flour, people who do intuitive eating, or people who are doing (fill in the blank) with their food, then this is not the group for you. In this group we respect each other’s choices.

Group Rules

Respond to posts only with encouragement, compassion, love and non-judgment. All negative comments will be removed and people will be given one warning before they are removed from the group.

Do not share photographs of cookbook recipes or recipes that were paid for. Sharing links to recipes that the author has made available online for free is perfectly fine.

Do not spam or market to our community. Self promotion is not permitted. Do not post from your blog, YouTube, IG, or other social media account. These kinds of posts will be deleted. Repeated posts of this type may lead to you being removed from the group.

Ok, let’s get ready to eat delicious plants like a PRO!

More Resources

As part of your subscription, you have access to my ENTIRE recipe library and all of my cookbooks here. You just have to make sure you’re logged in with your correct e-mail.

Did you know that as a member my recipe subscription, you are eligible for $125 discount to the Conscious Eating Community? E-mail me if you’re interested in this discount and I’ll send you the link.

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