10 Lentil Sprout Recipes

Have you ever tried sprouting lentils? Lentils are seeds, so they can be sprouted just like any other seed. Sprouting them transforms them from a dry pantry staple to a fresh, crunchy vegetable that’s alive, delicious, and super nutritious. Sprouting also improves the protein and nutrient content in lentils, and can make them easier on digestion. In this post, I’ve rounded up 10 awesome lentil sprout recipes to help you use your tasty sprouts!

Can Lentil Sprouts Be Eaten Raw?

Yes! In their dried form raw lentils cannot be digested, and need to be cooked to neutralize their acid and unlock their nutrients. Sprouting, however, does the same thing, allowing us to enjoy them without any cooking. You can eat them raw as soon as they start to produce visible white tails and are crunchy like a snap pea. Raw sprouted lentils are delicious in salads, on sandwiches, or just plain by the handful!

How to Sprout Lentils

Sprouting lentils is soooo easy! All you need to do is soak some regular dried lentils, drain them, and let them sit in a jar for a few days, rinsing them occasionally. While there are some awesome lids and gadgets to make sprouting more fun, you don’t need any fancy equipment. When I’m traveling, I’ve been known to sprout lentils in drinking glasses and it works just fine!

To learn how to sprout your own lentils at home, visit my easy step-by-step tutorial for how to sprout lentils here. It takes only about 2 minutes of active time each day, and about about three days to start to get small sprouted tails.

Cooking Sprouted Lentils

If you only sprout your lentils for a short time and don’t allow them to grow tails, you can cook them as you would in any recipe that involves cooked lentils and enjoy an awesome nutrition boost and easier digestibility. To sprout lentils for cooking, just soak them overnight, rinse them in the morning, and cook them before they get sprouted white tails. They won’t look much different, but they will have expanded in volume (see photos below) and this short soak will still unlock the benefits of sprouting.

I don’t recommend cooking lentil sprouts once the white tails have emerged, because their character transforms into more of a crunchy green vegetable than a bean. Think dry mung beans vs. mung-bean sprouts. I do throw longer tailed sprouts into a stir fry from time to time, but I prefer the longer sprouts in fresh, raw contexts.

#1 Hummus & Lentil Sprout Toast

It doesn’t get much simpler or tastier than toast with sprouts on top! I love them atop a slather of hummus, but avocado is delicious too. Play around with pretty sprinkles of seeds and seasonings on top, such as chili flakes, hemp seeds, or flaky salt.

#2 Seedy Crackers w/ Hummus & Sprouts

Garnishing gourmet crackers is one of my favorite uses of sprouts! They are delicious atop some creamy hummus, baba ganoush, or caramelized onion and eggplant dip! They are also a great topping for my flourless oat and seed crackers.

#3 Warm Breakfast Salad w/ Roasted Potatoes

Who said salad wasn’t a breakfast food? Try tossing roasted or boiled potatoes with your favorite salad veggies, sprouted lentils, and your creamy dressing of choice. So simple, and so tasty!

#4 Kale Crunch Sprouts Salad w/ Honey Dijon Dressing

Try tossing some lentil sprouts with some massaged kale, shredded cabbage or brussels sprouts, diced apples, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries. Dress with honey mustard dressing and enjoy!

#5 Buddha Bowls w/ Dreamy Tahini

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I am obsessed with buddha bowls. Sprouted lentils make a perfect addition, especially with my 2-minute garlickly and delicious dreamy tahini sauce!

#6 Spring Buddha Bowl

There aren’t any lentil sprouts pictured in the photo below, but this crunchy green bowl is just begging for lentil sprouts! They’ll make a gorgeous pairing with the creamy herbed tahini drizzled on top. Find the recipe here.

#7 Chickpea “Tuna” Salad Sandwich

Sprouts with long, crunchy tails are awesome in sandwiches. I especially love them on soft grain bread with my favorite chickpea and sunflower “tuna.”

#8 Warm Sweet Potato & Lentil Sprout Salad

I loooove warm wilted salads, especially in the wintertime. This one is so yummy and satisfying! It comes together in just a few minutes with sautéed red onions, dark greens, leftover roasted sweet potatoes, sprouted lentils, and finished with a sprinkle of feta, blueberries, and pumpkin seeds. Click here for the recipe.

#9 Mediterranean Sprouted Lentil Salad

This fancy shmancy salad from the Sublime Guys include such a fun description of lentil sprouts that I just have. to share: “Sprouts are unbelievable forces of nature. When seeds or legumes are sprouting, they are at their maximum life force potential, doing everything possible to exist, to become a bigger version of themselves. They are full of enzymes and life!” Check out their recipe for Mediterranean Sprouted Lentil Salad here.

a white, minimalist plate with a salad packed into a ramekin shape and carefully turned onto the plate, garnished with bright pomegranate seeds, herbs, and lentil sprouts

#10 Sprouted Lentil & Golden Beet Salad w/ Radicchio

This one comes from New Mexico’s edible magazine, and I just had to share it here because I can’t get over those colors. The purple, bitter radicchio with the crunchy sprouts, sweet roasted golden beets, and honey mustard vinaigrette is just absolutely gorgeous. Check out the recipe here.

What are your favorite ways to eat lentil sprouts?

More Sprout Inspiration:

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