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Meal Planning Made Easy!

I’ve gotten many comments over the years from my readers expressing that they wished I could be their personal chef or plan their meals for them. Well guess what? Some dreams DO come true!! I am so, so excited to finally tell you about Prepear, a fantastic meal planning app that I’ve partnered with to help make your delicious, healthy life easier!

How does it work?

Prepear is a connected cooking app (iOS and Android), that connects your recipes, meal plan, grocery list, and even shopping into all in one app. Inside the app, you can access digital meal plans and digital cookbooks and drag and drop those recipes straight into your own personal meal calendar. Seriously, this app is fantastic. I’m obsessed. I now use Prepear exclusively for planning meals, creating grocery lists, and getting meal inspiration.

Prepear App Features:

  • Access to an ever-growing library of recipes. Including all of mine!
  • Adaptable to you. Easily edit your meal plans, recipes and cookbooks with just a few clicks.
  • Automatic Grocery List generated from your meal plans and recipes, accounting for what staples are already in your pantry.

My Recipes are now ALL on Prepear!

To celebrate this launch, I’m running a 30% off promotion through the end of August for new subscriptions to Prepear Gold or 30% off all of my digital products if you prefer to use the free version of the app.


My Meal Plans

I’ve partnered with Prepear to bring you an ongoing meal plan subscription that automatically updates every week with a fresh, thoughtfully curated meal calendar of doable and delicious meals for the week ahead. In addition to my ongoing meal plan subscription, I’ve also created a few pre-made meal plans that can be started anytime.

The best part of these meal plans is that you can easily remove recipes and add others that are more to your liking or better fit your schedule. AND the app allows you to automatically generate a grocery list based on the recipes you are using (and accounts for items you already have in your pantry).

Here are the meal plans I’ve created so far that are available now:

If you aren’t interested in my meal plans or meal plan subscription, the Prepear app has so much else to offer! I’ve imported all of my meals and recipes into the app, so that you can use their easy to use drag-and-drop platform to make your menu planning life a breeze. And not only do you get access to my recipes on the app, but there are also hundreds and hundreds of other recipes from bloggers and websites on there to choose from.

Connected Cookbooks

I’ve also created several Connected Cookbooks on the app:

You can also gather and sort all your favorite recipes in your own “cookbook” and share what you made with your friends and family.

All of these digital products are included with a subscription to Prepear Gold, or they can be purchased individually and used with the free version of the Prepear app.

Right now the app doesn’t have the capabilities to send a dinner fairy to your house to actually cook your dinner for you and chop your veggies, but I hear that functionality is coming soon. 🙂

Click Here to Check out the Prepear App!

Also, feel free to ask any questions about the app, meal plans, and connected cookbooks in the comments!

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