14 Day Meal Plan & Recipe Starter Collection


This two-week meal plan document is designed for those who are just getting started with a sugar and flour free lifestyle, focusing on weight loss, or simply wanting to lighten up their eating. I chose my top 40 tastiest and easiest recipes from my repertoire and thoughtfully curated 2 weeks worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. These recipes also showcase a wide variety of flavors, basic cooking skills, and include a few “leftovers meals” to provide opportunities and advice on how to be creative with the random bits of produce that inevitably end up in the fridge. All recipes are plant-based, sugar, sweetener, and flour free, and measured in ounces.



This Document Includes:

  • 14-Day Meal Plan
    • At-a-glance meal calendar with color photos
    • Printable meal calendar with text
  • Grocery Lists
    • Pantry Staples
    • Refrigerator Staples
    • Essential Spices & Seasonings
    • Week 1 Groceries
    • Week 2 Groceries
  • 40+ Easy, Delicious Recipes
    • Free of sugars, sweeteners, and all types of flour
    • 100% plant based
    • Broken down by food category (grains, proteins, vegetables, fats, fruits)
    • Amounts given in ounces


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