Volume 1: Recipes for Weight Loss (Print)


This cookbook is a Katie classic and a treasure trove of satisfying meals that leave you feeling light and energetic, while nourishing the body and naturally supporting weight loss. It takes the guesswork out of portion sizes and provides food categories and amounts according to a typical weight-loss food plan. All recipes are plant-based, sugar, sweetener, and flour free, and measured in ounces.


Katie is known for her great-tasting, soul satisfying plant-based cuisine, and is the host of the popular recipe blog Katie’s Conscious Kitchen. This cookbook is a hand-picked selection of over 100 cherished recipes that deliver nourishment and satisfaction to anyone striving to eat fewer processed foods and more healthful plants.

In 2016, Katie adopted a sugar and flour free lifestyle and began following a structured eating plan to bring more awareness to her food portions. She lost 70 pounds following the program, cooking joyfully and eating deliciously throughout the weight loss phase. She drew the attention of others in the community who sought support with cooking palatable sugar and flour free meals, and thus Katie’s website was born.

With color images for every recipe and tips, tricks and on-the-go meal wisdoms throughout, Katie has given those navigating weight-loss or following a sugar and flour-free lifestyle a much-needed resource that is sure to inspire.

This Cookbook Includes:
  • 100+ sugar, sweetener, & flour free recipes
  • Mostly plant-based (a few recipes contain eggs)
  • Tips, tricks, and on-the-go meal Ideas
  • Broken down by food category (grains, proteins, vegetables, fats, fruits)
  • Amounts given in ounces
  • Modifications for weight maintenance (rather than weight loss)
  • Color images for every recipe

Product Reviews:

“I LOVE your cookbook and recipes! There are so many healthy foods that I don’t have experience cooking. Your book provides the information and ideas for how I can incorporate them into my food plan. If I stuck with what I knew, I would not have been successful. I needed more variety and you provided it. Thank you!”

“Katie, I love you and your cookbook! I generally keep it simple, yet sometimes need a change or some spark of different and your cookbook is there for me…it is simple in its own right! Keep your creativity flowing!”

“I am so happy to have one cookbook that has recipes I don’t have to change to remove the sugar and flour. I am grateful for what you offer. Please keep up the great contribution”

“I find your recipes and cookbook to be one of the reasons I can stick to my program! Your recipes actually help me to stay with the program and feel wonderful! Thank you for sharing your gifts!”

“I wholeheartedly recommend this beautifully put-together cookbook. I have made several of these recipes from her blog and have enjoyed them all. These are geared toward a plant-based diet but for those of us who aren’t completely plant-based, it’s easy to add animal protein instead if desired. They are delicious either way! It’s so handy to have the quantities already broken down into weight loss friendly portions. I’m a big fan of anything that makes my life easier! Buy this book and make this food! You won’t be disappointed!”

“There’ve been times when I’ve felt like my food choices were too limited and I was ready to give up but then I became encouraged again when I’d receive an email from you containing a new recipe. Your hard work and dedication is helping so many people, including me. I am delighted with your cookbook. I don’t eat sugar or flour but I need to cook for others in the house. I get a lot of complaints if I try to serve the same thing every day. Making some of your recipes help me not to also have to handle sugar and flour for the rest of the family. You have made a major contribution and I thank you for that!!”

“Like you, I go back and forth between simple meals and a recipe. I absolutely could not have made it 145 days without sugar and flour if not for your incredible recipes. (Love your bright green book on my kitchen counter!) Thinking about doing “simple” for a lifetime makes me feel deprived and punished. It makes me profoundly sad. Having recipes is a fun project for me, does not trigger me in any way, and allows my family to really enjoy exciting meals together.”

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