Eat More Plants (4-Week Meal Plan)

Need help going plant-based, or just adding more plant-powered meals to your diet? This plan is designed for beginners. Each week you will get a handful of my favorite plant-based breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to add to your routine. Each week has a slightly different focus, to help you develop one single aspect of your plant-based meal repertoire at a time.

✔️ Delicious, simple plant-based meals that will make you forget all about meat and dairy

✔️ A mix of simple and more extravagant meals to help you build your meal repertoire for a variety of occasions



Want some help with building healthy meal prep habits? Do you want someone to tell you exactly what to cook, and exactly when to prep it throughout the week?

I created this 4-week boot camp to help you build your meal prep routines and expand your repertoire, without overwhelming you with too many new recipes each day.

This meal plan is included with my Cooking Club Subscription and delivered digitally inside the Prepear app.

This Meal Plans Includes:

  • Batch prep tasks organized in a calendar that tells you exactly what to prep and when
  • Recipes that are naturally plant-based and free of sugar and flour
  • A drag-and-drop meal calendar so that you can fit the meal plan to your schedule
  • Easy, simple meals that require no prior cooking skills or experience
  • Customizable serving sizes to feed any number of people
  • Access on a desktop computer and a convenient mobile app
  • Leftover meals taken into account
  • Easily editable grocery lists
  • 45 minutes or less of active time per day


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