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This ebook is a treasure trove of over 200 of my most cherished everyday recipes with an emphasis on low-effort, flavor-packed, simple meals that come together quickly. With beautiful color photos for every recipe, technique tutorials and handy tips throughout, scrolling through this collection will surely inspire you to want to feed your body an abundance of vibrant produce! This is the resource I wish I’d had when I was transitioning away from a diet heavy on processed foods and toward a way of eating that promotes vitality and health, without compromising on taste (because you know that food is my love language).

Please Note: This is a downloadable digital PDF, which you will be able to access immediately after ordering. Looking for a printed copy? Click here to purchase a physical version. Or if you’re a member of my recipe club, you already have access to all the recipes in this cookbook in your digital recipe library!

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Inside You Will Find:

  • 200+ plant-based recipes free of sugar and processed flours
  • All of Katie’s best recipes to date plus lots of delicious new content
  • Tutorials for essential basic preparations for maximizing flavor and nutrition
  • Color photos for each recipe

A Little Bit of History

I began writing cookbooks in 2017 under the name Katie’s Bright Kitchen. I initially created those resources for readers who were looking to cut sugar and flour out of their diets without compromising on taste. Those cookbooks are no longer available, so I decided to create this volume as a sort of “mash up” of all of my best content from the past 5 years. Thanks to comments from my devoted readers over the years, I’ve tweaked and updated the crowd favorites, and added lots of sparkly new content. To me, this cookbook feels like the culmination of all those years of work, a sort of ‘greatest hits’ album with lots of fabulous new recipes that are sure to become favorites.

NEW! “Empty the Produce Drawer” Meal Templates!

Recipes are great, but sometimes the fussiness of a recipe is more of a hindrance than a help. In this edition, I’ve compiled a fun new section of versatile meal templates to help you feel more empowered in the kitchen. You’ll be able to use what you have, reduce waste, build flavor intuition, and be more creative in the kitchen. From “Pantry Purge Chili,” to “Whatever Bean Soup,” to “What’s in the Fridge Slaw,” or “Anything Green Pesto,” I hope you’ll have as much fun cooking from these templates as I had creating them! 😄

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I have your older cookbooks is this one worth buying?

A: Yes!! I’ve made sure to update this collection with lots of new recipes, tips and tricks, and new photographs to make it the crown jewel of your Katie collection. While there are some Katie classics in here, they’ve been given some polishing and updating based on feedback from readers over the years.

Q: I don’t eat sugar or flour. Will this cookbook be useful to me?

A: Absolutely! All the recipes are naturally free of sugar, sweeteners, and processed flours, with the exception of a little bit of optional honey added (for sweeter palettes), and a few recipes using coarsely ground oats and almond meal.

Q: I follow a food plan with weighed and measured meals. Will this cookbook be useful to me?

A: This cookbook doesn’t follow any particular food plan, but many recipes can easily be adapted to one. I provide measurements for most recipes and weights when more exact measurements are called for. When a recipe is looser in structure, you might see ingredients like “a few handfuls of salad greens” or “a sprinkle of seeds” which is easily adaptable to any style of eating.

Q: I’m not vegan. Will I still like these recipes?

A: Readers have often told me they’ve fed my meals to meat lovers and dairy lovers alike to rave reviews! Many recipes also easily lend themselves to the addition of your favorite animal proteins.

About the Author

Katie Gates is well known and loved for her great tasting, soul-satisfying, plant-based cuisine and unapologetic love of food. She is the creator of the popular recipe blog Katie’s Conscious Kitchen, and co-founder of the Conscious Eating Community for mindful eating. Through her easy, vibrant, and flavorful recipes, Katie aims to help people who struggle with healthy eating to discover meals that both taste and feel great, while also developing a joyful relationship with vegetables and healthy foods.


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