Seasonal Eating Cookbook

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This cookbook is a collaboration between food bloggers and flavor enthusiasts Katie Gates and Andreea Fegan, who showcase vibrant, plant-based meals that celebrate the flavors and bounty of every season. This recipe collection emphasizes simple yet delicious preparations of colorful and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains, and highlights the natural beauty of real, whole food.



Inside you will find:

  • 100+ plant-based recipes free of sugar and processed flours
  • 20+ tutorials for essential basic preparations for maximizing flavor and nutrition
  • At-a-glance category breakdown for each recipe to help you create balanced meals for optimal nourishment and vitality
  • Measurements in both weights (lb, oz) and standard measures (cups, tsp, etc)
  • Produce guides for seasonal shopping
  • A primer on how to eat in alignment with the seasons
  • And beautiful, color photos for every recipe!

I met Andreea a couple of months ago when I reached out to her to give some plant-based cooking workshops in the Conscious Eating Community. Her workshops were fantastic and inspired me to begin work on a seasonal eating themed cookbook that featured the natural gifts of each season. Partway through creating this cookbook, I realized that we should be collaborating on this project. It was an instant “YES!” from Andreea (who was already working on a similar cookbook) and we got to work immediately.

I think you’ll find that our different styles and cooking sensibilities compliment each other beautifully. We had so much fun working together to bring you this glorious collection of recipes! Creating meals with another person was such an inspiring and fun experience! Watching someone else design a dish and compose a meal photo is one of the greatest ways to learn and working alongside Andreea on this project was a total pleasure! I think you’ll love what we’ve put together. 💕 


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