Volume 3: Recipes for the Instant Pot

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In this latest collection of sugar and flour free, weighed and measured recipes, Katie will show you how the Instant Pot can help you build great food prep habits, and make easy work of batch cooking or feeding a crowd.

This book includes tips and FAQ for how the Instant Pot can support your healthy eating journey, color images for every recipe, and 40 Instant Pot recipes which are all plant-based, great for batch cooking (3-4 servings), free of flour or sweeteners, broken down by food category, and excellent for weight loss (with some weight maintenance recipes too!)



This Cookbook Includes:

  • Tips and FAQ for how the Instant Pot can support your healthy eating journey
  • Recipes that are 100% plant based, sugar, sweetener, & flour free
  • Recipes broken down by food category (grains, proteins, vegetables, fats, fruits)
  • Quantity measurements in ounces (ideal for weighing food with a digital scale)
  • Great recipes for batch cooking (3-6 servings)
  • Color images for every recipe
  • Embedded links for easy navigation

Adapting Recipes to Other Pressure Cooker Brands or Slow Cookers: These recipes should translate well to other pressure cooker brands or machines that perform a similar function to the Instant Pot. If you don’t have a pressure cooker and don’t want to, and you still want to try these recipes, here’s a guide on converting Instant Pot recipes to a slow cooker or crock pot. Most of the recipes in this book should adapt easily to a slow cooker

2 reviews for Volume 3: Recipes for the Instant Pot

  1. Andi

    I love all of Katie’s cookbooks (I think I have most of them) and of course the website, but my hands down favorite of them all is the IP cookbook. I have a bound edition but it has the same recipes as the e-version and there isn’t one false step in any of the recipes I’ve tried. Here are my favorites so far: Indian spiced eggplant, miso ratatouille, curried chick peas, red lentil dal, and the cauliflower chick pea curry. There are so many others I want to try! The recipes are so easy – most involve just putting everything in the pot so there’s little work, little cleanup, and everything is ready fast. I am not a whole foods, plant based eater but even for an omnivore like me, these recipes are pure gold, and for those of you who are vegan, you will be so pleased. I am doing a no sugar, no flour program similar to Bright Line Eating and still follow those guidelines generally, so having someone else do the measuring and counting is extra wonderful. Thank you, Katie!

    • Katie Gates

      Thank you SO much for this glowing praise Andi! I’m so glad you have found these recipes delicious and helpful!

  2. Helen Morgan

    I’ve been using your instant pot cookbook and absolutely love it. I don’t think I could’ve sustained my weight loss without it and the instant pot has transformed my cooking. Thank you so much

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