Recipe Club Membership

Want to fall in love with healthy eating?

Tired of cooking and meal prep feeling like a chore?

Do you find healthy food to be boring and bland?

Constantly fighting with food cravings?

Let go of the struggle and step into JOY!

Most of us are driven by “shoulds” when it comes to healthy eating and meal prep routines, but that is a dirty fuel for changing our behavior. What if instead you actually loved cooking and eating in a way that makes you feel amazing?

What if you genuinely preferred the huge salad over the take-and-bake pizza or box of macaroni and cheese?

What if you craved broccoli as much as you craved chocolate?

What if grocery shopping was a fun and inspiring part of your day?

What if your meals could be super satisfying AND leave you feeling great in your body?

Vegetables really CAN rock your whole world.

I’m here to help you elevate your relationship with food and cooking to one that is fueled by love, creativity, connection, and JOY!


Receive an inspiring delivery each week to support your joyful relationship with cooking, meal prep, and healthy eating.

This value-packed weekly e-mail contains three easy, vibrant, delicious meals that will nurture your creativity with produce odds and ends, as well as tips for eating seasonally and making meal prep easier. Cook the week’s recipes whenever it works for you during your week, and share your wins with other recipe club members in our private community for some social accountability, inspiration, and connection.

What Recipe Club Members Get:

Every Friday, members get a beautiful, value-packed e-mail containing the following:


A Seasonal Breakfast

Got a breakfast routine but finding it to be a bit repetitive? Add one new easy, yummy breakfast into your routine for some fun variety.


An Easy, Yummy Lunch

Need some ideas for quick and portable lunches that keep you energized through the afternoon? I’ve got you covered with one new idea each week.


A Delicious Dinner Recipe

Dinner can be such a struggle! Each week I share an easy dinner recipe that will leave you satisfied without spending all evening cooking.


Seasonal Produce Tips

Take advantage of gorgeous seasonal flavors with a different seasonal highlighted each week, including recipes and tips for how to prepare it.


A Fun Cooking Hack

If you’re short on time and energy or feeding a crowd, check out my weekly practical tip for making meal prep easier and more efficient.

Your Membership Also Includes:


Access to My Entire Recipe Library

As part of your membership, you’ll get access to my full, ever-growing database, including recipes from past cookbooks that are no longer available!


All of My Digital Cookbooks

Your membership also includes all of my digital cookbooks! Create custom cookbooks from my recipe database, or add and organize your own recipes.


Meal Planning Tools & Grocery Lists

When you click on one of my recipes, it “lives” inside a slick recipe app called Prepear. The app includes a meal planner and automatic grocery lists!


A Convenient Mobile App

Pull up recipes on your phone, view your meal planner, and create in-app grocery lists to bring along when you’re shopping.


Community & Social Support

Our recipe club community is housed in a private facebook group, where members can find daily support and inspiration.

Will This Work For My Dietary Needs?

Most likely! I am vegan and all of my recipes are deliciously vegan, but each week’s e-mail includes suggestions for modifying the meals for all of the following dietary preferences:






Sugar Free


Flour Free


Dairy Lovers


Gluten Free


Oil Free




Soy Free


Meat Eaters

Membership Cost

All of this value, support, connection, and joy costs less than $8.00 per month! That’s less than the cost of:


2 fancy coffees


A bottle of wine


One takeout meal


A movie

Vibrant health and a joyful life are the best things you can invest in. You’re worth it.

Have More Questions?

Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]