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Weekly meal plans to fuel your love affair with healthy, vibrant, delicious plants!

What if you genuinely craved foods that make you feel great?

What if you actually preferred a pile of delicious vegetables to a greasy slice of pizza?

Let go of the “shoulds” of healthy eating and step into JOY!

Healthy food really CAN rock your whole world.

I’m here to help you elevate your relationship with food and cooking to one that is fueled by JOY!


Each week you’ll get a new themed meal plan with one plant-powered breakfast and five easy, delicious, big-batch dinners. Cook the week’s recipes whenever it works for you, and celebrate your wins in our wonderful online community of over 1,800 other joyful eaters, and growing!

What Members Are Saying

“I love Katie’s community. Her live cooking demos are very helpful and the weekly recipes with grocery lists cannot be beat. It is just FUN! The aspect of trusting and knowing yourself is eye opening. I always had a strict eating plan with no deviations so this was a whole new perspective. Anyone who is interested in eating more healthy with more variety and needs help getting there would benefit from this. They might be surprised at how easy and delicious vegetables can be!”

— Patti

“Breaking down the barrier of experimentation with beautiful, simple, and healthy ideas has changed my approach to my food. Katie’s gentleness and sense of humor is very welcoming. The “permission” to experiment without worrying about perfection is healing and freeing, as is connecting mindfully with food and the concept of true nourishment. I’ve stuffed my feelings down with food for years and years. Realizing that there is so much truly healthy and gorgeous, delicious, and easy food out there is life-changing and a radical act of self-love. Just about anyone can benefit from this, it’s gentle enough for those who are struggling with their relationship with food and simple enough for those who are overwhelmed by life. Truly lovely.”

— Suzanne

“Katie’s open nature and passion speaks volumes to me and made me realize I was currently missing that same drive and commitment in my eating journey. This is a simple but unbelievably helpful immersion in awakening to our current perspectives regarding weight loss and the entrenched practices we’ve developed around eating while gently providing fresh reframing and introducing tools to help us with adjusting to a mindful way of eating for life. This has given me a renewed enthusiasm and commitment to myself. Armed with practical tools and recognition this is a lifelong journey… not a sprint to the finish line.”

— Lucie

“If you want a fresh perspective about sustainable eating without the pressure of failure or judgment, this is for you. It’s about LIFE and JOY and making peace with your food. Katie’s videos are AMAZING and so informative, and make it all so easy! The way Katie cooks is like the TV show “chopped” where you get a basket of items and have to create a meal. Something about her is so soothing and encouraging and I love her dry sense of humor! I am learning that you CAN cook from your heart and not have to be so obsessed with precise measurements.”

— Debra

What Recipe Club Members Get:

On Fridays, members receive a beautiful, inspiring e-mail that includes:


A Fun Meal Theme for the Week

Each week I choose a fun theme for the week’s meals, usually a seasonal ingredient, special spice, cooking technique, or worldly cuisine.


A Yummy Featured Breakfast

Bored of your breakfasts? Each week you’ll get a new yummy breakfast recipe to add to your regular rotation or your weekend repertoire!


5 Easy & Delicious Dinner Recipes

Each week’s meal plan contains five easy, delicious, big-batch dinners that will provide plenty of leftovers for the week’s lunches.

Weekend Food Prep Suggestions

Friday e-mails contain a short checklist of meal prep tasks for the weekend or your batching day of choice, for those who are as busy as I am!

Your Membership Also Includes:


Access to My Entire Recipe Library

As part of your membership, you’ll get access to my full, ever-growing database, including recipes from past cookbooks that are no longer available!


All of My Digital Cookbooks

Your membership also includes all of my digital cookbooks! Create custom cookbooks from my recipe database, or add and organize your own recipes.


Planning Tools & Grocery Lists

When you click on one of my recipes, it “lives” inside a slick recipe app called Prepear. The app includes a meal planner and automatic grocery lists!


A Convenient Mobile App

Pull up recipes on your phone, view your meal planner, and create in-app grocery lists to bring along when you’re shopping.


Community & Social Support

Our recipe club community is housed in a private facebook group, where members can find daily support and inspiration.

More Reasons Why This Subscription is Awesome:


More Efficient Grocery Shopping

I make sure to overlap ingredients in my selection of recipes each week, for more efficient shopping and less food waste.


Less Produce Going Bad in the Fridge

Often the recipes I choose take the form of a flexible meal template, so you can use up your produce odds and ends!


Take Advantage of Seasonal Produce

Each week’s recipes highlight whatever is cheap and in season, to maximize flavor and minimize your grocery bill!

“One success I’ve noticed is that I’m starting to approach food differently, more thoughtfully, which is a big win. From Katie I’ve realized that food isn’t just food. It’s an opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level and connect with others as well. The live videos are very helpful. Learning how easy it is to make sprouts was one of my favorites. I’ve also enjoyed the supportive community.”

— Anonymous

“Those of us in the BLE community certainly benefit from these types of recipes. This is great for anyone looking to eat fresh and healthy!”

— Judi

“The idea of template meals has never occurred to me. Seriously, it felt like everything about meal planning fell into place. Thank you Katie!!”

— Amanda

“I grew tired of the rigidity of my current way of eating. Seemed like too much emphasis being placed on every morsel I ate and not enough joy in the eating of it. Katie shows everyone that you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to feel guilty when you’re not. If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to learn how to eat healthier this is it.”

— Susie

“I love interacting with Katie and others in the group. It helps to keep me excited and motivated to see what people are doing. This is perfect for people who need a little motivation and a spark to get cooking or try something new.”

— Vanessa

“I was starting to wonder if there was a path after BLE, other than going back to “normal” eating. Now I know there is one! Thank you!”

— Lynne

“This is perfect for anyone who is in a rut with their meals or out of ideas. I really feel that I have taken on the idea that you can throw together a meal from what you have on hand without overthinking everything. I love the idea of small things that you can add that give you joy and nutrition. Sprouting! Buddha bowls! Nut butter on oatmeal!”

— Diane

“An invigorating fresh perspective to bring back life and joy to your food program.”

— Rebecca

“This is perfect for anybody who is curious about a plant based diet or who wants to eat better. It’s so great to get to see what others are making, and it means so much to have others to communicate with. It is a very judgement free zone. Just try it, it’s a really great group.”

— Jennifer

Will This Work For My Dietary Needs?

Most likely! My recipes are almost always plant-based, sugar and flour free, and weight-loss friendly.

Membership Cost

All of this value, support, connection, and JOY costs less than $8.00 per month! That’s less than the cost of:


2 fancy coffees


A bottle of wine


One takeout meal


A movie

Vibrant health and a deliciously joyful life are the best things you can invest in. You’re worth it.

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