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Looking for an all-in-one solution for recipes and meal planning?

You’re in luck! I’ve partnered with the Prepear app to bring you one of the best digital recipe experiences out there!

All-in-One App

Prepear is a digital recipe and meal planning app (iOS and Android), that connects your recipes, meal plan, grocery list, and even shopping into all into one.

  1. Save all your recipes in one place
  2. Easily customize your meal plan, and even add in your own recipes
  3. Create automatic grocery lists
  4. Get my handpicked weekly meal plans for continual seasonal inspiration

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Weekly Meal Plans

No more worrying or last minute scrambling to figure out what to eat. It’s all planned for you!

Save Money

Following a menu plan saves trips to the store and last minute eating out which definitely saves money! Yes!

Save Time

Automatic grocery lists and grocery delivery (or pickup) will save you lots of time!

Love Your Food

I looooove food, and my recipes deliver big flavor with minimal effort. You won’t be disappointed!

Nourish Your Body

My wholesome recipes will energize and nourish your body, without compromising on taste.

Eat Seasonally

Each week’s meal plan is informed by what foods our bodies crave at that time of year, utilizing lots of seasonal ingredients.

New Inspiration

We’ve all been there! Food boredom is real. New recipes that magically show up in your plan will get you out of a rut!

Save Recipes

Your subscription comes with SO much digital recipe content, including all of my cookbooks and my entire recipe library! You can save and organize all your favorites.


Adjust serving sizes and swap recipes in and out. All meals and meal plans can be customized to fit your family’s needs.

What’s Included:


Meal Plans

Your meal plan will update automatically every week with five new seasonal handpicked recipes. Each week’s menu includes one new breakfast, one new lunch, and three easy dinners. Drag and drop recipes from the meal plan into your calendar, add notes and recipes, and customize as needed.



I have cookbooks for every occasion (and am adding more all the time). Get all the recipes from my printed cookbook, 40 Breakfast Bowls, Everyday Breakfasts, One-Pot Meals, Eating in Season, Everyday Dinners, Plant Protein, Thanksgiving Recipes, and MORE. You get access to ALL the cookbooks ALL the time.


Grocery Lists

Create your grocery list in just a few clicks from your customized meal plan. Edit and add to your grocery list, or exclude items you already have by adding them to your digital “pantry.” Easily cross off your grocery items at the store as you shop using the Prepear mobile app. Personally, I use this feature all the time!

Total Value: $306

Get it all for $8.33/month (Billed Annually)


Here’s what others are saying about their Full Access Membership:

“Those of us in the BLE community certainly benefit from these types of recipes. This is great for anyone looking to eat fresh and healthy!”

— Judi

“The idea of template meals has never occurred to me. Seriously, it felt like everything about meal planning fell into place. Thank you Katie!!”

— Amanda

“Anyone who is interested in eating more healthy with more variety and needs help getting there would benefit from this. They might be surprised at how easy and delicious vegetables can be!”

— Patti

“If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to learn how to eat healthier this is it.”

— Susie

“This is perfect for people who need a little motivation and a spark to get cooking or try something new.”

— Vanessa

“Breaking down the barrier of experimentation with beautiful, simple, and healthy ideas has changed my approach to my food. Realizing that there is so much truly healthy and gorgeous, delicious, and easy food out there is life-changing and a radical act of self-love.”

— Suzanne

“This is perfect for anyone who is in a rut with their meals or out of ideas. I really feel that I have taken on the idea that you can throw together a meal from what you have on hand without overthinking everything. I love the idea of small things that you can add that give you joy and nutrition. Sprouting! Buddha bowls! Nut butter on oatmeal!”

— Diane

“An invigorating fresh perspective to bring back life and joy to your food program.”

— Rebecca

“I am learning that you CAN cook from your heart and not have to be so obsessed with precise measurements.”

— Debra


All of my recipes are vegetarian, and most are vegan, because plants rule. That said, it’s easy to add in your favorite meat or dairy ingredients, if that’s your jam.


I’m a big time foodie, I won’t eat something if it’s not seriously satisfying! My recipes maximize on flavor by using high quality, seasonal ingredients.


I’m a lazy cook, so most of my recipes come together in 30 minutes or less, with minimal effort. Many are big-batch and freezer friendly.


My recipes are mostly free of processed foods, sweeteners and flours, and are packed with nutritious fruits, veggies, and plant protein for radiant health!

Other Features You’ll Love:

Mockups of sample printed recipe pages

Printer Friendly

Print any recipe, meal plan, and grocery list from either your phone or your computer. I’m old school. I love printing things.

Personal Meal Planner

Drag and drop recipes from your collections into your own personal meal planner, add your favorites, or type notes (leftovers, takeout, etc.)

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Give the gift of deliciousness and radiant health!


If you have any questions about Prepear, the menu plans, or are having any technical difficulties, email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP! For questions about my recipes or offerings, e-mail me at [email protected]