Resources for Sugar & Flour Free Eaters

Resources for Sugar & Flour Free Eaters

I created this blog back in 2016 when I was following Bright Line Eating, as a way of sharing BLE-friendly recipes and connecting with others who were eating in a similar way. While the focus of my blog has changed, I decided to keep these resources available, as they are helpful and beloved in the BLE community.


I made these cookbooks during my years following a structured food plan and not eating sugar or flour. They are designed for folks who are getting started with a similar lifestyle, or are looking for delicious meals that support weight loss.

Volume 1

Recipes for Weight Loss

This cookbook is a classic and a treasure trove of satisfying meals that leave you feeling light and energetic, while nourishing the body and naturally supporting weight loss. It takes the guesswork out of portion sizes and provides food categories and amounts according to a typical weight-loss food plan. All recipes are plant-based, sugar, sweetener, and flour free, and measured in ounces.

Volume 2

Recipes for Maintenance

This sequel and supplement to my weight-loss cookbook is designed for those who prefer a sugar and flour free diet, who are focused on maintaining their weight rather than weight loss. This cookbook features recipes that incorporate grain into lunches and dinners, and contain larger amounts of protein and grains for breakfasts. All recipes are plant-based, sugar, sweetener, and flour free, and measured in ounces.

Volume 3

Instant Pot Recipes

This recipe collection includes tips and FAQ for how the Instant Pot can support your healthy eating journey. It features color images for every recipe, and 40 delicious Instant Pot recipes which are all plant-based, great for batch cooking (3-4 servings), free of flour or sweeteners, broken down by food category, weighed and measured, and excellent for weight loss (with some weight maintenance recipes too!)