Self-Compassionate Weight Loss

Hi beautiful humans, 

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about different approaches to weight loss. Weight loss has been a big topic of discussion in our community lately, and it’s brought up a fascinating tension:

How can we practice acceptance and self-love while also desiring to live more comfortably and happily in our bodies?

Is there an inherent conflict between mindfulness and a desire for weight loss? Annette and I don’t think so. We take the stance that it IS possible to practice self-love and acceptance for things as they are, while also acknowledging room for growth. 

Many Buddhist traditions also hold space for this tension. In the words of Shunryu Suzuki, “each of you is perfect the way you are… and you can use a little improvement.” 

Wanting to feel more joyful and expressive in your body IS self-compassionate. How could wanting to breathe and move more easily be motivated by anything other than self-love? 

The question then becomes HOW do we actually go about changing our bodies in a mindful, loving way, without the shame, the guilt, the isolating and joyless restriction, and self-aggression? That’s what we’ve decided to focus on in our community for the next couple of months. 

We are curious about what happens when we create space within ourselves for both acceptance and change. Can we invite this tension into our being and live from both? If you’re interested in joining us, you can check out our community here.

Until next week!

❤️ Katie

Artwork by my good friend Katie Schuessler at Inner Visions Studios. Check out her meditation & creation workshops and gorgeous instagram account!

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