Recipe Subscription

Katie’s Conscious Kitchen Recipe Subscription

This subscription is for you if…

You aspire to have a joyful relationship with food and cooking

You want to have the confidence to throw something yummy and nourishing together from whatever is around

You want a SOLID repertoire of healthy, delicious, easy meals that will leave you satisfied

You want to be able to create a meal, rather than follow a recipe

You wish you had better intuition about good flavor combinations and preparations of plant-based ingredients

You want to eat more healthy, plant-based meals but don’t know how to prepare plants in delicious ways

This subscription is about shifting your relationship with cooking and meal prep to one that is fun, inspired, creative, and playful.

Do You Struggle With Recipe Dread?

Have you ever gotten excited and inspired about a new recipe, maybe even planned out several meals on a meal calendar, bullet journal, or other aspirational planner, only to choose a frozen pizza when it came time to actually make the recipe?

🙋‍♀️ Me too, and I love cooking.

We all ditch our best laid plans when life (or laziness) gets in the way. No shame. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat something that won’t feel good in your body. There ARE healthy, satisfying options for when you don’t feel like cooking.

The Solution: Build Your Lazy Meal Repertoire!

When you do ditch your plan, I want you to have easy, satisfying options that will make your body feel good and energized afterwards. I designed this subscription to help you build up your repertoire of easy, satisfying, healthy meals one week at a time, so that you have more choices available to you in those moments where life gets lifey.

Lifestyle change is the product of small, sustainable habits, NOT grand, sweeping overhaul. Expand your repertoire of delicious, healthy meals gradually with just one new inspiring invitation each week. You’ll build intuition and confidence along the way!

Inside Your App Each Week You Will Receive:


A Fun New Theme

Each week you’ll get a new theme, whether it’s a seasonal ingredient, a type of meal, a specific flavor pairing, or an intimidating seasoning.


A New Meal Template

My meal templates are designed to help you reduce your reliance on recipes and build your own intuition and creativity in the kitchen.


5 New Seasonal Recipes

Each week you’ll get 5 of my favorite hand-picked seasonal recipes related to the week’s theme, for extra inspiration.

Your Subscription Also Includes:


Community Support & Connection

We have an exclusive facebook group (for paying members only) to provide support, inspiration, accountability, and connection with other subscribers.


Easy Drag-and-Drop Meal Planner

Plan your week by simply dragging-and-dropping meals into your own personal meal calendar. Includes automatically generated grocery lists.


Access to Katie’s Full Recipe Library

Inside the app, you have access my full, ever-growing recipe database, including all of the recipes in my cookbooks, on my blog, plus exclusive content.


Bonus Cookbooks & Meal Plans

Inside the app, you have access to all of my digital cookbooks and pre-loaded meal plans, and any others that I may create in the future.

Bonuses Included w/ Your Subscription:

In-App Cookbooks:

Batch Cooking Cookbook

$12.99 Value

Batch prep like a pro with these delicious family friendly and freezer friendly one pot, plant-based meals.

Healthy Breakfast Cookbook

$12.99 Value

In this collection, you’ll find my favorite sugar and flour free breakfasts, both sweet and savory.

Seasonal Eating Cookbook

$19.99 Value

This recipe collection is organized by season and highlights the natural beauty of real, whole food.

Healthy Holiday Cookbook

$9.99 Value

My most impressive and festive plant-based soups, salads, sauces, and sides for special occasions.

Buddha Bowl Cookbook

$19.99 Value

(Coming Soon!)

Satisfying Salads Cookbook

$9.99 Value

My 30 most satisfying and scrumptious salads for eating piles of produce with nothing left to be desired.

Instant Pot Cookbook

$9.99 Value

Delicious plant-based Instant Pot recipes for building great food prep habits and feeding a crowd.

Easy 30-Minute Dinner Cookbook

$9.99 Value

Easy, delicious, and satisfying weeknight dinners that come together in 30 minutes or less.

Healthy Comfort Food Cookbook

$9.99 Value

Indulgent, comforting meals that don’t leave you feeling yucky and over-full afterwards.

How to Love Oatmeal Cookbook

$19.99 Value

(Coming Soon!)

Full Access to Meal Prep Boot Camps:

✔️ 4-weeks of meal plans

Batch prep tasks organized in a calendar that tells you exactly what to prep and when

✔️ Recipes that are naturally plant-based and free of sugar and flour

✔️ A drag-and-drop meal calendar so that you can fit the meal plan to your schedule

✔️ Easy, simple meals that require no prior cooking skills or experience

✔️ Takes leftovers into account

✔️ Customizable serving sizes to feed any number of people

✔️ Easily editable grocery lists on a convenient mobile app

✔️ 45 minutes or less of active time per day

Batching Like a Boss

$20.00 Value

✔️ My most popular boot camp for building healthy meal prep habits

✔️ A different focus each week to help you develop one skill set and habit at a time

Eat More Plants

$20.00 Value

✔️ Delicious, simple plant-based meals that will make you forget all about meat and dairy

✔️ A mix of simple and more extravagant meals to help you build your meal repertoire for a variety of occasions

Lightening Up

$20.00 Value

✔️ Weight-loss friendly meals that satisfy, taste amazing, and keep you full between meals

✔️ Complete meal plan with 4 weeks of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners planned for you


Eat with the Seasons

Each week’s meal challenge is selected to take advantage of seasonally available produce and add local variety into your meals.


Stop Wasting Produce

You will become a master of “odds & ends” meals that use up produce scraps and anything in danger of being thrown away.


Budget Friendly

Eating heaps of vibrant plants doesn’t have to be expensive. These meals lend themselves to affordable, in-season produce and bulk ingredients.

Membership Cost

Total Value: $290

Your Price: $99.99/year or $8.33/month

Want to go further?

Check out the Conscious Eating Community!

What’s the Difference?

Recipe Subscription

  • A new cooking theme each week
  • A new flexible meal template each week
  • 5 new seasonal recipes each week
  • Drag & drop meal planner
  • Full access to Katie’s complete recipe library
  • Full access to all in-app digital cookbooks
  • Access to all Katie’s Boot Camps

Conscious Eating Community Membership

  • Focused on doing the inner work of shifting your relationship to eating, food, and your body.
  • Community platform with daily offerings via Zoom
  • Mindfulness tools & weekly workshops
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Co-led by certified mindfulness coach Annette James
  • Not focused on recipes/food prep
  • Vibrant, loving support and connection

Bundling Discount

These two programs are very different, but compliment each other beautifully on the journey to peaceful eating and self-love. We’ve created a huge discount to incentivize participation in both. If you sign up for my Recipe Subscription, you automatically get 50% off monthly or annual membership to the Conscious Eating Community! (That’s $150 in Savings!)

To get this discount, after you sign up for the recipe subscription, e-mail me at and ask about the Conscious Eating Community discount for recipe subscribers and I’ll send you a special registration link.