Katie’s Cooking Club

What Members Get Each Week:

Every week, members of my Cooking Club receive a beautiful, inspiring email featuring a different seasonal ingredient. This weekly email is packed with helpful information about that ingredient including tips for how to store and prepare it, along with a fresh meal plan containing a week’s worth of easy, delicious recipes to help you use it.

The subscription also includes access to Katie’s entire recipe library, digital cookbooks, and meal planning tools. The week’s recipes are in a handy, easily customizable meal planner format, so you can choose which recipes to make that week, generate your grocery list, and simply follow along.

This Subscription is for YOU if…

You are tired of your produce going bad in the fridge

You want to build better food prep habits

You are a lazy cook but love eating tasty, healthy food

You wish you enjoyed cooking and eating produce more

You want to cook more and spend less money eating out

You are stuck in a rut and bored with your meals

You are busy and want some support with meal planning

You want to build confidence and intuition with cooking

You want to cook and eat in season and shop more locally

You just want some fresh, weekly inspiration!

How it Works:

This subscription is designed to help you build sustainable weekly food prep habits. Here’s the routine:

  1. Friday Cooking Club E-mails
    On Fridays, I send out my inspiring cooking club e-mails announcing the ingredient for the week. These e-mails are packed with helpful information including tips for how to store and prepare the featured ingredient, and a fresh new meal plan containing easy, delicious recipes to help you use it.
  2. Customize Your Meal Plan
    Easily swap out meals that don’t work for you and adjust the serving size to feed one, two, or a whole crowd.
  3. Automatically Generate Your Grocery List
    After you’ve settled on your plan for the week, your grocery list will be automatically generated for you, and the app can even exclude items that are already in your pantry!
  4. Cook, Eat, and Enjoy!
    Follow along with me and other cooking club members during the week! Pull up the recipes on your phone app or laptop while you’re cooking, and enjoy feeding yourself deliciously and well.
  5. Connect With Other Members!
    Join our private facebook group to share your wins, connect with other members, and get inspiration throughout the week.

🧑‍🍳 Live Cook-Alongs on Zoom with Katie!

Join me for a live cooking party on the second Saturday of Every Month!

Once a month, I host a fun cook-along for members to introduce new ways of preparing delicious, healthy meals. Prior to these gatherings, I choose a type of meal and provide a highly versatile meal template, encouraging everyone to personalize the recipe to whatever ingredients they like or have in their kitchen. We chop, chat, and cook together, and swap cooking tips about whatever random questions people bring to the table.

Your Subscription Includes:


Katie’s Entire Recipe Library

Inside the app, you’ll have access to my full, ever-growing recipe database. It includes all the recipes on my blog plus exclusive member-only content, all completely ad-free.


In-App Connected Cookbooks

Inside the app, you’ll have access to all of my digital cookbooks, which are seamlessly integrated with the app and meal planner. There are currently 12 and counting!


Easy Drag & Drop Meal Planner

Plan your week by simply dragging-and-dropping recipes into your own personal meal calendar. Pull from my recipe database, cookbooks, or easily add your own!

Membership Cost

Get the insider experience for only $8.99 per month!

Investing in your health and happiness is the best investment you can make. For less than $9 per month, you will be investing in radiant health, vibrant plant-powered energy, and a flourishing, thriving life. To put that in perspective, that’s less than the cost of:

☕️☕️ 2 lattes

🍽 one meal out at a restaurant

🥡 one night of takeout

🍾 one bottle of decent wine

📽 one movie at a theater

🍕 one pizza

You can afford this and you are worth every penny.

Got more questions?

Feel free to e-mail me at contact@katiesconsciouskitchen.com