Portable Sugar & Flour Free Meal Ideas

Portable Food Choices


  • Beans – canned, in pouches, or pre-cooked and weighed into single-serving containers or ziplocks
  • Edamame – shelled and weighed into single-serving containers or ziplocks
  • Quinoa – pre-cooked and weighed into single-serving containers or ziplocks
  • Lentils – pre-cooked and weighed into single-serving containers or ziplocks
  • Nuts – pre-weighed into snack-sized ziplocks
  • Soy nuts or dried chickpeas –  pre-weighed into snack-sized ziplocks
  • Hummus – weighed into single-serving containers
  • Nut butter – single servings weighed into mini-containers (I use go-stak containers)
  • Tahini dressing – single servings (1/2 protein each) weighed into mini-containers (I use go-stak containers)
  • Peanut dressing – single servings (1/2 protein each) weighed into mini-containers (I use go-stak containers)
  • Hummus dressing – (hummus thinned with water or lemon juice) single servings weighed into mini-containers (I use go-stak containers)
  • Chickpea “tuna” salad – (includes a fat serving) weighed into single-serving containers


  • Pre-make and weigh salads and put them into quart-sized ziplocks
  • Pre-slice raw veggies, weigh them, and put them into quart-sized ziplocks
  • Veggies that are hardy and last a few days in a cooler:
    • Baby carrots
    • Sliced bell peppers
    • Mini-cucumbers
    • Cherry tomatoes
    • Chopped kale & cabbage salads (cruciferous veggies)



  • Pretty much all fruits are portable!
  • I like to pre-weigh fruits like cherries or berries in glass tupperware so that they don’t get squished.
  • Melons work well pre-cubed or in melon ball form and stored pre-weighed in containers.
  • Apples are great for hikes.


  • Rice cakes
  • Quinoa – pre-cooked and weighed into single-serving containers or ziplocks
  • Rice – pre-cooked and weighed into single-serving containers or ziplocks
  • Mary’s Crackers – pre-weighed in snack-sized ziplocks
  • Brown Rice Snaps – (I’ve only found the tamari seaweed flavor to not have any flour) pre-weighed in snack-sized ziplocks
  • Ezekiel products (bread or tortillas)

Food Prep Tips for Portable Meals

  • Pre-weigh as many dry goods as you can, and store them in ready-to-go single-serving ziplock baggies or tupperware containers. This works well with dry cereal, oatmeal, nuts/seeds, grains, soy nuts, dried chickpeas, etc.
  • Chop fruits like melons or berries ahead of time and store in the cooler pre-weighed in Tupperware containers.
  • Store pre-weighed veggie baggies in the cooler for car meals or quick stops. Baby carrots, peppers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers all work well.
  • Bring bagged, pre-weighed nuts, soy nuts, or dried chickpeas into restaurant situations so that you always have a protein option. There is almost always a salad or veggie option. Choose salad, add your supplemental protein, ask for oil and vinegar on the side, and a side of fruit. Boom. No excuses or exceptions.
  • Store dressings, fats, and condiments pre-weighed in little single-serving dressing containers. I love GoStak containers and use them literally every day.

For a more detailed post on meals for camping and road trips, go here!


  1. Terry Nunez

    Thank you Katie!!!! I truly enjoyed the camping and sight seeing I did through your post!!!!
    Love love loved it!

  2. Robin

    Oh wow, I am so sorry about your backpacking gear being stolen. That stinks! Wonderful photos and meal suggestions – thanks for always sharing such great ideas. I hope you return to backpacking some day, and if you ever have BLE-friendly suggestions that are more suitable for a bear canister than a cooler, that will make for even more happy outdoor adventures!

  3. Lovely and helpful post… Thank you!

  4. Mary

    THANK YOU for putting together such a wonderful site!! Iโ€™m on day 6 of BLE and looking at your recipes and tips & tricks has been immensely helpful and has helped to alleviate a lot of anxiety of the sustainability of this lifestyle! Iโ€™m very outdoorsy and adventurous too and was particularly stressing about how I could camp and hike and stick to my bright lines. Youโ€™ve renewed my hope that camping and hiking and adventuring will be so much better once Iโ€™ve lost my weight and my body is living in a sugar and flour free state.

    • You are so welcome Mary, it truly IS possible! Best wishes on your journey! <3

    • Anonymous

      Me too! Starting out is a little undaunted but this site will help soooo much! Cleaned out my cupboards and ready to roll! Thank you

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  6. keri french

    Katie, love your ideas for BLE on a road trip adventure. Can you offer me some tips on BLE on a weeklong backpack trip? I’ll be on maintenance by this trip in June. I posted this question to Boot Camp folks and a coaching call but all I got was to go freeze dried. This doesn’t really help with getting my veggies at lunch and dinner while we’re on the move each day. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I’m wondering if I going to be hauling cabbages into the backcountry, eek! I’m baffled but unwilling to give up my love of backpacking or my commitment to bright shiny lines. Thanks for your ideas, Keri

    • Hi Keri, I’ve thought about this one. I used to be a backcountry backpacker but I haven’t gone since doing BLE (due to all my backpacking gear being stolen… but that’s a different story). If it were me, I’d just bring what I know I need to have a successful backcountry backpacking trip, and not worry about my veggies. I would modify my food plan and make my meal decisions well ahead of time, and commit them to a buddy. I would use past experience of what foods I like and how much fuel I need, and I’d include no-sugar no-flour foods like grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, etc. I would eat throughout the day whenever I get hungry, and I would enjoy a sane backpacking trip. When I got home I would resume my regular food plan and routine. The beauty of BLE is that you can do whatever you want, as long as you keep your bright lines, check your plan with your highest self, write it down the night before, and externalize it or commit it to someone else. That’s not any official advice, that’s just what I would personally do. Know thyself. Let me know what you decide to do and how it goes! <3

      • keri french

        Katie – thank you so very much for your words of experience and wisdom!! Just what I’ve been looking for. That makes so much sense to me and I genuinely appreciate that you know what challenges a backpack trip presents. Thank you again!!

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  8. Shawna

    Love love love this! So very glad I found you! I think we are kindred spirits ๐Ÿค—

  9. Pingback: Beginner's Guide to Plant-Based Eating | Katie's Bright Kitchen

  10. Brenda Fitch

    Enjoyed your travel photos and food prep ! Looks like you have a pretty darn cool life! Thanks, Katie!

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