1. Sue S

    Katie, I just want thank you (again) for posting these BLE compliant recipes. I am one who is in this for life, God willing, and you have restored the joy of cooking & tastes to my food plans. Also, you encourage me to try experiments on my own. My gratitude to you, dear cook/chef/ teacher. (Please don’t add me to your mailing list as I am already on. 😊)

  2. Lolly

    My taste buds have changed so much l prefer cranberries with raspberries and ginger combo. The apple/pineapple is too sweet for me. Thank you for posting all these scrumptious recipes😀

  3. Hope I’m not posting twice but I don’t see my earlier comment.

    I made the recipe as posted and found the pineapple flavoring far too prominent. Had planned to experiment with reducing the pineapple and increasing the apple but was reluctant because I don’t care for cooked apple. Was so pleased to see Lolly’s suggestion of using raspberries.

    And I’d like to say how happy I was to see that this recipe doesn’t use any water. It never occurred to me not to add water but I was delighted with the consistency.

    • Teresa

      I experimented using equal amounts of cherries (frozen from Costco) and cranberries. I’m very happy with this cherry version. Added some tangerine zest after it had cooled.

  4. I think this recipe would be good without cooking, using fresh pineapple instead of canned! Thanks, Katie!

  5. Katie

    Orange zest would make this so yummy!

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  7. I have used this recipe for a three layered vegan roast, and it is perfect to my taste. For the roast the bottom layer is sweet potato mash, the middle layer is a lentil/portabella mushroom stew, and the top layer is your recipe above. This is not my original roast recipe. It is so tasty without any added sweetener and the flavors all go together marvelously! My friends and family enjoy it too. Thank you!

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