I’m Chubby, Happy, and Covered in Flea Bites

In the shower this morning I looked at my legs and laughed out loud. They are covered in red, scratched-too-much flea bites and long scrapes from clearing bramble bushes in the goat field. But my first thought was, “These beat up legs are freaking beautiful.”

These gnarly legs comedically tell the story of the fullness of my life right now. Their imperfections reflect the play, work, fun, irritations, challenges, and joys of my everyday life.

They are a daily reminder of my absurd reality – that I somehow have ended up on a beautiful, historic homestead in a remote town in rural France, with a wonderful English family and the most adorable children, exchanging child care for housing and having quite the lockdown adventure. 

Shortly after laughing at my legs I had a similar thought about the extra fat on my body right now. It is beautiful too, for the same reason. My squishy arms and stomach rolls are a physical manifestation of abundant produce and farmers markets, big, nourishing meals, personal sacrifices made for quick energy and picky children, connection and togetherness around the big dining table, and soaking in life’s pleasures.

What good would judgement, shame, or harsh self-talk about a little weight gain do for me right now? Nothing. So I’m just gonna keep on enjoying my life.

How about you? What beauty can you find in your body’s imperfections?

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  1. Beautiful example of how we can love ourselves just the way we are!

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