“I am delighted with your cookbook. I am a 10 on SS but I need to cook for others in the house. I get a lot of complaints if I try to serve the same thing every day. Making some of your recipes help me not to also have to handle NMF for the rest of the family. You have made a major contribution and I thank you for that!!”

“Like you, I go back and forth between simple meals and a recipe. I absolutely could not have made it 145 days without your incredible recipes. (Love your bright green book on my kitchen counter!) Thinking about doing “simple” for a lifetime makes me feel deprived and punished. It makes me profoundly sad. Having recipes is a fun project for me, does not trigger me in any way, and allows my family to really enjoy exciting meals together.”

“I’m fairly new to BLE but LOVE your cookbook and recipes! There are so many foods that are part of BLE that I don’t have experience cooking. Your book provides the information and ideas for how I can incorporate them into my food plan. If I stuck with what I knew, I would not have been successful at this program. I needed more variety and you provided it. Thank you!”

“Katie, I love you and your cookbook! I generally keep it simple, yet sometimes need a change or some spark of different and your cookbook is there for me…it is simple in its own right! Keep your creativity flowing!”

“I have looked to many of your recipes as things I can take to a potluck, or serve to my extended family. Thank-you for helping me explore for myself and demonstrate to friends and family, in concrete and tasty ways, that WFPB eating and BLE are totally compatible with the rest of life. Keep up the good work!! Many thanks!!”

“After losing over 60 lbs, I have to tell you that without your website, ideas, stories and recipes I would have given up!! If I can stick to my bright lines while enjoying my meal and stay within all the guidelines I see no problem!! Like you said, it may not work for everyone but they have to figure that out for themselves. With your help, I have transformed my body and my mind. I am happy, thin and free and for that, I thank you Katie!!”

“I’m just starting my journey, and I was lost. Your 14-day PDF is a beaming light at the end of my confusion.”

“I remember early on in my BLE journey that I was looking around frantically for “recipes.” I soon realized that simpler was the key for me, & that the recipe-searching was simply a habit. It wasn’t necessary to lose weight. And after two years of maintaining my goal weight, I have to say that I really enjoy your recipes every once in a while (I’m usually too lazy!), & bought your book. I am so happy to have one cookbook that has recipes I don’t have to change to remove the NMF. I am grateful for what you offer. Please keep up the great contribution”

“I find your recipes and cookbook to be one of the reasons my lines can stay bright! Your recipes actually help me to stay with the program and feel wonderful! Thank you for sharing your gifts!”

“I followed BLE from March 31-October last year, taking two boot camps. I previously was in a strict weighed and measured food plan in OA for 15 years. I have used your recipes for many months, and am delighted to find a new one in my inbox. With your recipes, I am able to go vegan in a very healthy way. I totally LOVE your recipes.”

“I am 6 months into my BLE journey, and I’ve lost 38 lbs. I could not have done this without your recipes! They have helped me so much. They give me interesting BLE compliant meals! There is room in my program for your recipes, and I feel that they have saved me. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Thank you SO much for the amazing recipes. I have been following my program for 24 days now. I, Iike you, eat mostly vegan with the occasional egg or fish. I have recently felt like I needed some variety in my meals and was so happy to look through your recipes and see many that I’d like to try! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I wholeheartedly recommend this beautifully put-together cookbook. I have made several of these recipes from her blog and have enjoyed them all. These are geared toward a plant-based diet but for those of us who aren’t completely plant-based, it’s easy to add animal protein instead if desired. They are delicious either way! It’s so handy to have the quantities already broken down into the necessary measurements since I’m on the Bright Line Eating weight-loss food plan. I’m a big fan of anything that makes my life easier! Buy this book and make this food! You won’t be disappointed!”

“I am a person that needs a very simple, basic and limited plan to succeed and so far, so good! However, I also like to have the resources to cook something special either for myself or for entertaining which I love to do as well as cook (after goal). Thank you for inspiring me to continue!”

“I am just loving your website! You have done such a beautiful job and put so much work and love into it. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I am in week five of my program and have found freedom that is amazing from following the bright lines. Your success has been impressive! It is really hopeful and encouraging. I follow you on Instagram as well and have loved seeing your adventures and meals this summer.”

“You are a God-send! I am just getting ready to start Bright Line Eating and I was sooo lost because there are no recipes in the book and I didn’t want to mess it up, but then I found your site with all kinds of recipes to get me started, so I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us newbies!”

“Love your site! Recipes look awesome. Been in recovery since Feb 2016, but cooking was initially too triggering…I’m thinking that now that I’m on maintenance for a few weeks I’m going to start doing a few simple recipes. Your pictures are beautiful and the simplicity grabbed me. Loved your post about your maintenance journey…feel like we could talk for hours! Lots of love! And please, keep on cooking/posting “

“Thank you, Katie, for all you do. I understand SPT’s perspective on recipes, and I can recognize myself enjoying more simple food during this process of recovery over the past year. However, I am so thankful that I found your website so early in my BLE journey. I was feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make cohesive meals out of BLE food categories. I didn’t know how to make meals without large quantities of NMF. Your recipes helped me relearn how to cook and plan meals. Your mashed cauliflower recipe helped me navigate Christmas dinner without having to defend my food choices. I learned about roasting veggies from you (one of the simplest ways to make large quantities of vegetables) and they have become such a staple in my BLE meal arsenal. I really appreciate the knowledge you have shared with us.”

“I need to take a moment to tell you-I think you’re so talented. Thanks for sharing all you do. I’m still contemplating do this. You’re making it seem doable. If I do it, it will be because I like your recipes and what you’re eating. I’m so happy for you. Thanks so much.”

“I am a major food addict, but I appreciate each and every one of your recipes. They help me stay excited about my food plan!”

“Thanks so much for sharing with us, Katie. I have enjoyed many of your recipes. Most of the time I keep things simple, but really like having something more complex & creative sometimes. My daughter is a single mom working long hours. She gets bored with the same foods & wants someone else to figure out recipes.”

“I would never have been able to be successful in my program without your recipes.”

“Dear Katie, thank you so much for the wonderful efforts and your amazing recipes and hints. I, for one, would have been lost without them. As I am a foodie, keeping food too bland and too simple is a huge trigger for me, and trying your recipes has been a real lifesaver for me. I particularly loved your lentil curry recipes, and am about to tuck into your thanksgiving offerings. I am new to plant-based foods, but your dedication and beautiful presentation and simple explanations have helped me ease into it seamlessly.”

“I just want to let you know what a HUGE difference you’re recipes of made for me in my recovery. I have been in the right size body my whole life, eating extremely healthy but not free because of my cravings. With a lot of rebellion I began this program. Your recipes have been a big game changer for me and I am offering you my deep appreciation and thanks.”

“Katie, I am so tremendously grateful for your recipes. I have made tons of them and even though I am a hard core food addict I still love new recipes that keep it fresh! Love ya for all your do!”

“I appreciate the variety, flavors and creative recipes you offer. I would NOT be able to stick with any program without variety and recipes. Boredom with a super-simple food plan would derail me in a few months. I so appreciate your honesty and your generosity in sharing your recipes and tips.”

“Thank you, Katie! I feel exactly like you, that the lack of recipes and having to create my own concoctions is very off putting and on the long run counterproductive! This is my only criticism really on my program. Thank you again, for your recipes on behalf of many of us!!!”

“Finding Katie’s blog and recipes have been such an awesome addition to my program! Her recipes are so good and her tips and tricks have been a wonderful companion to the program materials. Thank you, Katie!!”

“Although ‘food porn’ and recipes can derail some there are many of us (including me) who occasionally need a bit more variety and don’t have a problem with that. I LOVE your recipes and so appreciate the hard work and generosity you have put into sharing your creativity with us. THANKS!”

“Thank you so much for your recipes. Getting bored with the food is one of my major struggles. Your recipes have been very helpful and delicious.”

“Thank you for doing this!! I am at goal weight and could continue to eat super simple meals but I have a houseful of other people to cook for and they want the variety your recipes provide.”

“You have so generously shared your recipes with us! I’d really like to express my gratitude for your recipes because they have returned to me the joy of experimenting & the rich tastes & textures of foods. I am a 10 on the addiction scale, but I have not experienced this way of eating as a prison sentence where food is concerned. There is an artistry to preparing really good food, and I think the only danger lies in being willing to erase your lines. The freedom & happiness to me lies in the regularity of portions, limits on amounts of times/day I eat, and the kinds of foods I put in my mouth. I have a great fear of triggering a binge, because I am nearly at my goal of a 105-pound loss. The danger for me would be staring into a future of tasteless, repetitive food choices. Been there/done that with programs like JC. No, you’ve been helping me incorporate real world, healthy choices into a pattern I plan to hold to the rest of my life, Universe be willing.”

“I am on day 505 of BLE and have lost 110 lbs so far. I am an 8 on the susceptibility scale about 5 -7 pounds from goal and approaching maintenance very soon. I do not believe I would have been able to make it this far with this much success without some creativity and variety with my food. Like you, my breakfast has been pretty much the same every day since the start of bootcamp, and lunches are simple but dinner is a meal that I need to have some variation. I have found some wonderful ways to cook food so that I do not miss sugar or flour or potatoes and rice, for that matter, in any way!”

“Whenever I feel tired of preparing food I come to your “Kitchen” to recharge my batteries!”

“Because of your recipes I have found it so much easier and pleasant to follow the plan of eating. I have lost 33 pounds since July. I had to be honest with myself with just one recipe (I think it’s a waffle or pancake recipe). When my heart started to beat faster and I was so excited about the possibility of making it, I decided it was in my best interest to stay away from it. I have to be honest with myself in times like that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for proceeding with your recipe book. Your recipes have been a wonderful part of my journey since July.”

“I am a binger. If I start to feel overly restrictive with my food plan…too simple too boring too controlling I will binge. Period. After many years of therapy for this I know what sets me off. You have provided me with the much needed safety valve regarding my food. THANK YOU, KATIE”

“Thank you for your efforts. Like you, I get bored with plain food and need some more complex meals. Also, I love to cook and still be on track with my program. This actually helps keep me on track and does not seem to put me off track. I look forward to your “sugar and flour free” recipe book to come out. I also love soups so your guidelines have helped very much. I find cooking within the guidelines quite easy with a little research and common sense. Again, thank you for being part willing to share your journey with us.”

“Thank you for your wonderful recipes. I am just starting on my journey, and I’ve found that I do much better staying on track when I have a little more variety. My first week I stuck strictly w/ the basics & while I had great results (7.5 lbs) I know that this would be difficult for me to sustain long term. I know some of my trigger foods already (cannot do Ezekiel bread or cereals), so I know to stay away from those. Your recipes are great & they decrease the time I need to spend in the kitchen. I believe this will help me stay on target. Thank you for all of the work you do to make things simpler for us! It is much appreciated! Blessings & prayers to your continued success!”

“I’m relatively new to this, but I’ve already figured out that keeping things too simple and repetitive with my food absolutely will derail me, as will having to create my own recipes all of the time. Your recipes have really helped me to stay on track. Yes, there are a couple I need to avoid because they contain trigger foods for me, but overall, they help with automaticity because I can just follow the instructions.”

“Your recipes have been THE reason I’ve finally been able to be slim AND eat/cook the way I want to. Keep doing what you’re doing. There are many of us cheering you on madly.”

“I had to try on three different pairs of pants at Marshall’s yesterday to believe that I really am a size 6. You are no small part of my success. A week rarely passes without me serving up Melty Eggplant, and sweet potato waffles are a breakfast mainstay. I have no doubt that your delicious and easy-to-follow recipes have contributed to my desire to continue on this journey. You expertly show how to create nourishing and delicious meals. While I understand other people’s reticence with “food porn,” your recipes have made me even more committed to good health. I look forward to your cookbook and thank you truly for the impact you have had on my life.”

“I find you inspiring and love your recipes. My family and I support you doing your own thing. I have been eating this way for a year, my anniversary is tomorrow. I haven’t made my goal weight yet, but I have lost 131 lbs within the past year. It is crucial that I keep cooking and creating. I find joy in serving delicious, wholesome, healthy meals to my kiddos and chef husband. Being creative on plan is also very important to me. I find that too simple gets me off the rails. Thank you for being you. Keep on rocking!”

“I am writing to express my gratitude for your generosity in posting and sending your wonderful recipes. We have so much in common! I am 5’7, started in Oct 2016 at 197 lbs, and I love ethnic, spicy foods. Recently turning 63, I have a few years on you and it took me longer to lose the excess weight… until August of this year to go onto maintenance but I am now at 125 lbs, happy, thin and free…. loving fitting into size 2 suits and incredibly grateful for your generosity. Me and my 2 buddies often exchange your recipes. We so appreciate all that you do.”

“Thank you for the inspiration! Food is delicious & keeps me on track. Best of all, family likes the recipes too.”

“I usually keep my food very basic, but I do enjoy an occasional recipe… and I want that special recipe to be good.! You are my go-to recipe person/site. Thank you sooooo much for the openness and honesty with which you conduct your site, and your own personal life. Well done!”

“Thank you Katie! I’m now in week 7 of my journey, and am growing tired of simple foods, and have LOVED your recipes to begin to spice things up. In particular, the sweetener-free cranberry sauce is currently my breakfast fruit, eaten with yogurt, flax, and chia each morning. And, it’s DELICIOUS. I’m looking forward to making some of your other recipes to help me get through next week’s holiday.”

“I really need/needed recipe ideas and how to mix and match to keep meals flexible and interesting as I tend to be rigid. I look forward to you sharing ideas and recipes and especially your personal journal. Your blog has been a lifeline and I am truly grateful to you. Thank you so much for all that you share!”

“As a 10 plus on the susceptibility scale, I am an example of someone who can lose the weight and now maintain for 6 months while trying BLE compliant recipes. I ordered 3 of your cookbooks for Christmas and I refer to mine frequently.”

“I have been so grateful for your recipes – I need variety! Thanks for being so kind in sharing and I look forward to your book.”

“Finding your site has been a god send for me. I am so easily bored that I needed something to spark up my food. I was frustrated that my program didn’t offer any recipes. Thank you so much for sharing yours.”

“Thank you so much for all you do! Your recipes have helped me lose over 49 pounds so far in my program. I have the coconut curry soup every day for lunch. I appreciate someone having the skill to figure out correct quantities as well.”

“Love your recipes!! So yummy and easy to make. My spouse is a fussy eater, but he’s had some of your foods with no complaints!”

“Katie is making fantastic recipes that are also already portioned! Such a precious resource to all of us who eat this way and our loved ones who want to cook and eat with us. Thank you, Katie!”

“Wonderful recipes and menu ideas to get some variety into my plan.”

“So thankful for the time Katie puts into this and her willingness to share! Thank you!”

“I look forward to looking at this everyday. Thank you for your service, Katie!”

“Katie, thank you so much!!! These recipes are amazing and are so helpful in so many different ways. You are so appreciated for doing this.”

“Katie’s Kitchen is a god-send! I was needing inspiration to notch up my meals and keep me going, and poof! our talented angel chef appeared! Thank you for making this an even better way of life and sharing your culinary wisdom. In other words, YOU ROCK Katie! Keep those recipes coming….”

“What you already have on your website and your books is a TREASURE that will serve many people for many, many years to come!”

“Katie’s recipes are delish. And she specifies portion sizes which takes all of the guessing out of using recipes. Thank you Katie!”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy your website- so many fantastic recipes!”

“Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I have tried several of your recipes and they are delicious. You make it very easy to use your recipe in our daily count.”

“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes–they’ve been such a blessing to me!”

“Way to go, Katie! This is an awesome resource, filled with your knowledge, energy and enthusiasm! Thank you!!!”

“There’ve been times when I’ve felt like my food choices were too limited on BLE and I was ready to give up but then I became encouraged again when I’d receive an email from you containing a new recipe. Your hard work and dedication is helping so many people, including me.I am delighted with your cookbook. I am a 10 on SS but I need to cook for others in the house. I get a lot of complaints if I try to serve the same thing every day. Making some of your recipes help me not to also have to handle NMF for the rest of the family. You have made a major contribution and I thank you for that!!”