Transitions & Loving What Is

Hi beautiful fellow humans, 

This week I’ve been feeling a lot of transition. The cold is here, and we’ve spent hours each day processing firewood and winterizing the garden. We’ve tuned into the news periodically and engaged in interesting discussions about our shifting political climate. We’ve gone into lockdown again here and Ari (husband) has rejoined me because the retreat center he was away at suddenly closed down.  

Change and transition always brings plenty of inner swirliness. I’ve been focusing this week on turning toward any discomfort that arises as an invitation to pay more attention to resistance and notice what I’m clinging to or grasping for. It feels like every day is a continual process of noticing myself getting in my way of fully experiencing my life, letting go, and opening more to what is. Our community has taken on Loving What Is as this month’s theme and the inquiry practice we’ve been doing every day has been a really helpful reminder that we are not our thoughts. We get to choose which of them to believe and act from. 

What thoughts come up for you in response to change? Does it best serve you to feed those thoughts or let them go? 

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