Vanilla Chia Pudding w/ Strawberry Compote

I’ve been pretty much eating some version of coyo and strawberries for the past two weeks. Coyo is coconut-based yogurt that is so creamy, decadent, and naturally a sweet without any added sweeteners. Feel free to use your favorite yogurt or milk, plant-based or dairy. It all is delicious and works great. Or make your own!

Vanilla Berry Chia Pudding

Grain | Protein | Fruit
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Refrigeration Time: 8 hours
Servings: 1
Recipe From: Katie’s Conscious Kitchen



  • 6 oz yogurt of choice
  • 2 oz milk of choice

Grain (Alternative)


Strawberry Compote

  • 4 oz strawberries chopped
  • 1/2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 Tbsp water


  • 2 oz strawberries chopped


  • The night before, mix the chia seeds with the milk, yogurt, and vanilla in a single serving glass, filling the glass about halfway to save room for the toppings. You may need to experiment with the ratios of milk and yogurt to get the consistency you like.
  • Refrigerate overnight.
  • In a small saucepan, simmer the 4 oz of fruit with the 1/2 tsp chia seeds and 1 Tbsp of water for 5 minutes, stirring well, until it is the consistency of loose jam.
  • Transfer to a small bowl and refrigerate overnight.
  • In the morning, layer your pudding, compote, berries, and additional yogurt if desired. You could layer everything the night before too, but it will mix together more. If you care about the presentation and the layers being more visually distinct, this layers best after refrigeration.


  • For this pudding, the chia seeds are counted as a grain, which is a common alternative for grain-free eaters who like to use the general formula of grain, protein, and fruit for a balanced breakfast.
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